Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wow, it's been a while, I guess. If I'm not blogging, I'm usually struggling with my weight and to stay on track. I had finally reached 154 and then in the next weekend I ate and ate my way back to 159. I'm getting back down toward 154 again, but of course it's taking me 10 times as long to get back down than it took to go back up.

Anyway, I did reach one of my ultimate goals, though, and joined a Jazzercise class!! I actually joined last week and attended a class last Thursday. I went to the second class on Monday and today is my third class. Its very affordable (the cost works out to about $2 per session) and really is a good workout. Plus, I needed to get out and meet other people.

The first night was pretty good. I did way better keeping up with the moves than I had thought I would. I am SO happy I'd already been exercising for a while or I would not have been able to do a lot of the exercises. Its cool because after 30 minutes of cardio, there's 15 minutes of strength training with handweights and then some core work and stretching, so you get the full gambut.

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