Monday, September 13, 2010


We've recently relocated back to California. That's 3 moves in 2 1/2 years, two of them being long distance. Suffice it to say, I am TIRED of moving! Hopefully we'll stay put for at least a couple years. I'm not thrilled to be back to point A, but I can live with it.

Since the decision was made at the beginning of August to relocate, I haven't maintained my exercise regime. As a result, I've lost all my muscle tone. My weight dropped several pounds, through lack of exercise and eating about the same number of calories as I was burning, so I'm now wearing pretty much the same size clothes but I'm softer, with less energy and more aches and pains. I've tried at least walking a bit, but that's about it. I definitely need to re-start my exercising!

I have joined a walking/running group and have my first meetup tonight. Its kinda farther than I wanted to have to drive, about 12 miles away, but not so far as to make it not worthwhile. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

No Longer Obese!!!

I can finally say I am no longer considered obese!!!! It's just a number, I know, but it still feels great. This morning, after returning from a week's vacation no less, I weighed in at 137.4. Woohoo!!! Getting so close to my goal weight. Well, I still have 27 pounds to go, but still! The bodybugg is my new best friend and so is exercise. I'm adding a morning routine of Pilates, just 15 minutes worth. I'm also going shopping next weekend to buy some new clothes! I'm offically a size 8 and while I've bought a couple pairs of pants, I really want to get a couple nice shirts and even a pair of sexy heels. I haven't worn heels in years and I think it's time! I want to feel feminine and sexy. I also want to get some new perfume. I'm ready for a new me.

We're planning on moving back to California - I'm VERY excited to go back. Washington is beautiful but it rains too damned much and I miss my family.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 57 and BMI and Weigh-In

Firstly, my weight this morning was 138.6. That was my goal before I went on vacation - so yay me!! I was all excited, thinking I was finally UNDER the obesity range. However, when I did the calculation, my BMI is 30.0. Another 0.2 pound loss and I would be merely overweight today rather than still obese. Frustrating, but really meaningless, right? I mean, I'm doing great so that would be a stupid thing to get caught up in. And by tomorrow I could be under the 30. So, whatev, I'm happy with my progress! 28 pounds to go.

I'm on Day 57 of my 100 days of exercise goal. It's weird because now I feel off if I don't exercise. It really is true that it becomes habit forming. Yesterday I had done only 30 minutes of strength training and usually would follow that up with at least a walk in the evening, if not a jog or an aerobics class. But I just didn't have time with getting ready for vacation, so I skipped the aerobic portion of my workout. I had a really hard time getting to sleep and I felt like I was missing something. I plan on squeezing in a jog before I hit the road today, though. Getting my daily exercise will be a challenge on the road, but we'll figure it out. I have a gym membership to 24 hour fitness, so I can always stop at any one of those along the way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So, after several weeks of being on plan and really kicking butt with my exercise, but not seeing any real changes, I bought the bodybugg. I just wanted to know my calorie burn in reality, not an estimate based on my weight, age and height. I am extremely short so I often fall so far from the bell curve that averages can be quite off for me.

It has been an EXCELLENT tool! I weighed in at 139.2 this morning. In the two weeks I've had the Bodybugg, I've lost 4 pounds. I've learned that if I hardly do any exercise in a day and spend all day on my bum working, I burn about 1400 - 1500 calories. If I spend 30 to 60 minutes exercising moderately, I burn 1900 - 2100 calories. If I spend at least an hour exercising AND am active all day, I can burn anywhere from 2100 - 3000 calories. I am now able to ensure that I am eating less that I burn no matter what kind of day I'm having. I now see that when I was always aiming for 1200 - 1500 calories a day in consumption, and sometimes going a little over that, on the days I wasn't really active I was either breaking even or eating more than I was burning, even though the website I was using to track my calories always said I was under my calorie burn.

I would highly recommend this tool to anyone wanting to be more exact in their calculations for eating. You do have to track calories, but I was doing this anyway. It also helps to see how many calories you are burning, even the burn per minute. When I'm working at my desk, I'm burning about 1.4 to 1.9 calories per minute, depending on how often I'm getting up from my seat. When I work out, I can burn anywhere from 2 calories per minute to 10 calories per minute. I watch that burn and push myself harder on my workouts so I can get a higher burn. I also use it to try to hit a calorie burn of 2100 calories a day. Knowing how few calories I burn when I'm working all day, I've started taking breaks from work to jump rope, jog in place or other exercises to get my heart going and increase my burn by the end of the day. Or if it is getting late and I'm nowhere near my goal, I'll go for a walk or do some house cleaning to get my burn up. It's really helped to keep me motivated in moving.

Anyway, not to try to sell a product, but it has been great for me. I'm almost under 30 on my BMI! YAY!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 32

I am on Day 32 of my 100 days of exercise goal. 32 days straight of exercising for at least 30 minutes a day. I think that's damn good, if I say so myself. I am doing a variety of exercises at the moment and I think I may even be a bit addicted to it. For instance, today I went for a bike ride (nearly 9.5 miles) and then completed a work-out DVD later. Yesterday I did a workout DVD, of strength training, in the morning and 3.5 miles on the treadmill at an incline in the evening. The day before that I did 45 minutes of weight lifting and an hour of walking/jogging on the treadmill at gym. Crazy, huh? But, I seem to really enjoy exercising at the moment. I love how I can move my body rather easily. One day hubby and I walked with the kids to the park and I jumped on the monkey bars. He was like "no way you can swing all the way across" but I did! It was hard and it felt awkward and my arms felt like they were going to fall off, but I did make it across. Only, it bugged me that my back didn't feel strong enough and that my abs were still a bit too weak. I felt like I was only able to control my body a little bit, nothing like when I was a kid. I know that all things get more difficult as we get older, but I decided that I wanted to get into good enough shape that I could easily swing across the monkey bars. It has definitely spurred me on with the strength training. Anyway, it totally helps to have a gym buddy too.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Plateau? Or What?

It's been a while since I've blogged! But, not because I've been off the wagon. In fact, I've been doing really well, with both eating and exercising. I still eat more than I'd like some days, but I'm usually a good 250 to 500 below what I've burned. And I'm exercising every day, without fail, for between 30 and 120 minutes. Some days I'm burning 500 to 600 calories. I've been strength training too. And walking/jogging at least 20 miles a week. So, I've been doing crazy well.

So, what's the problem? Well...I've hardly lost any weight! I'm down a pound in the last few weeks. I should easily have lost 3 to 6 pounds. I should be below 140! But, I'm just floating along, not really seeing any weight changes. My clothes aren't looser. I feel like I'm running in place, faster and faster, and getting no where.

So, I know it's only been a few weeks. And I know that I should be building muscle. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm not tracking my calories correctly. Maybe I'm burning a lot less calories than I think.

I really don't know.

So, I've decided NOT to jump on the scale for the next two weeks. The scales are put up in the laundry room out of reach. I also bought a tape measure. I'm going to measure myself and then not weigh myself or check my measurements again for two weeks. And keep my calories down, but not too far down. And keep exercising. And I SHOULD see results. If not, I'm going to the doctor! :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've been motivated by progress. Since tracking my calories and feeling some renewed determination using, I've started to see some real progress. I'm at my all-time low of 145.4, my clothes are definitely getting looser and I'm getting stronger. I'm tracking my mileage from my walking/jogging and I'm doing about 15 to 20 miles a week, which is impressive to me! In fact, I'm going to take the kids on a long walk today. It's great to actually feel like my efforts are paying off. I'm still having my food days and I still think about food constantly, so I have a long way to go, but it's nice to be going in the right direction.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am finally making some real progress with my diet. I've even increased my exercising. I'm jogging most days and walking several miles in the afternoons. I'm keeping my calories between 1200 and 1600, depending on how active I've been that day, on most days. I'm tracking my calories and my fitness and my water intake.

I'm not entirely sure of the reason for the turnaround, although I think a big part of it is that I've joined a new weight loss website that I find to be particularly motivating. ( It uses a point system and awards and has some cool tracking options that motivates me to do well. I found them when I saw their diet book on Anyway, if you're looking for motivation, I highly recommend checking them out.

I've also become more friendly with one of the girls in my mom's group. We've known each other since October, but have only recently began spending time together away from the group. Her husband is also away overnight for work so we have dinner together quite a bit. Not only to give each other company and distract the kids, but also to share the cooking, cleanup and child care aspects of dinnertime. Its been working out really well. She's very easy to be around because we share similar positions on child rearing and she isn't in competition wiht me at all. On top of all that, she is also trying to lose weight and we are jogging/walking together most mornings. We can share our ups and downs with food without worry of censure and we know the other understands. We even have similar food issues. I'm very lucky to have become friends with her.

Everything else is plodding along. I didn't get a chance to post my weigh-in, but I was down to 147 this week. Hoping to hit 145 next week, but we'll see. I know that I don't tend to see much progress on the scale when I'm working out a lot. It'll come off with time. I'm in that awkward phase between pants sizes and I'm hoping to lose enough to get out of my baggy pants and into a size 10. That will be great!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is It

How many times have I told myself "This is it!" thinking that I had finally made the firm decision to lose weight once and for all, only to lose that determination, slowly or suddenly, over the following weeks, days or even hours? I've had so many "aha!" moments, I think I don't actually know what an "aha" moment is. I've convinced myself many times that I have hit a turning poing in my life...only to realize that nothing has actually changed. My "This is it!" became: "This is it (I hope)!" or "This is it (please)!" or "This is it (until it's not)!"

I am on my umpteenth "This is it!" I am tracking calories, making smart choices, exercising, not snacking at night...doing everything "right." And, you know what? This IS it, right now. And that's okay if I slide back to some bad habits, because every "This is it" has been a forward part of my journey. So "This is it right now!" is my new catchphrase. Every good choice I make, is a time I didn't make a bad choice. Those add up, as surely as does the calories and the pounds. It isn't "on" or "off," it just is whatever is happening at that point in time and every moment of every day is "This is it right now."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Imrovement

I've had an improvement in my eating over the past couple days. I ate less than 1300 calories both today and yesterday. Yesterday I didn't exercise, other than a couple hours shopping, but today I went for a bike ride with the kids and am about to get on the treadmill. I feel much more able to control myself. I went out and bought a food scale because I'm determined to track my calories better.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Weight: 149
Gain: 1.6

Yep, this week hasn't been going so well. Monday I did really well and then bombed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Plus, I had eaten my way through the weekend, starting on Friday. So, it is not surprising that this week was a gain. I'm just glad that it wasn't more of a gain. Today is going well, so far, so I hope to keep things on an even keel.

One thing I noticed when I was eating too much, is I had stopped using artificial sweetener, Truvia, in my morning tea because it was making me feel nauseated. Instead, I started using raw sugar or honey in my morning tea or coffee. Last night I purchased some Splenda and put that in my morning tea and I feel much more in control of my hunger again. In fact, today was the first day I have stuck to my 5 hour rule this week. There may be something to that after all. I'll see how the rest of my day goes; although I am pretty determined to do well.

I am considering trying Weight Watchers again, but can't decide. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And it started out so well...

I did well at the beginning of the day, but it went downhill after lunch. Well, even before that I guess because I didn't make it to my first goal of no sugar for the first 5 hours of my day. I didn't make it with my second goal of no eating afer 9:00 pm. I didn't exercise at all today. And I didn't stay under 1400 calories. In fact, I probably didn't stay under 2000 calories. Ugh! I did so well yesterday!!! Well, tomorrow, as always, another day. I'll just start again.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Good day

And, no, I wasn't saying hello in Australian.

Today was a good day for eating. I kept my calories under 1400, never felt like I was starving hungry and managed to keep to my am rule of no processed sugar. I had one moment when I was going to have a few Jolly Rancher candies, but after moaning about overeating all weekend, hubby grabbed the candies and threw them in the trash. I NEARLY went into the trash to retrieve them when he wasn't looking, but managed to resist and then the craving went away. Later, when I was driving my 7 year old to the store, I had a candy that had been in my purse, but didn't have any more than that even though there were more in my purse. That was a good moment :)

I worked out to a Jillian Michaels DVD today, which kicked my butt. I didn't even complete the full 40 minute workout; probably I did about 30 minutes. Ah well, 30 minutes is much better than nothing.

If it isn't raining in the morning, I'll be going for a jog with a friend. That will be a relief after Jillian Michaels :)

I've implemented 2 new "rules." Not really rules, per se, but I don't have a better word for it. The first is no eating after 9pm. Not hard and fast (I'm not going to quickly cram a bunch of food in at 8:59 pm) but I want to try to stop eating so mindlessly at night and thought this may help. The second is that for every 3 days I do well, I get one day off. Not completely off, like eat a million calories with no sweat, but off as in not having to actually count calories. Maybe this will help me from completely losing it and going bonkers with my eating after being religious about withholding calories for several days. I know that I just have to do well tomorrow and the next day and then I can relax my eating regimen a little and not having to feel guilty or bad about it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend

Aren't the weekends great for getting off plan? I tracked my calories (over 2000) Friday and Saturday but didn't even bother today. My saving grace, if there is one, is that I've been so busy! And not just with a lot of things to do to fill up my day, but with being actively busy. Saturday I spent the entire morning cleaning, then went for a walk with a friend, then cleaned up from our visit/dinner, then got on the treadmill for another 30 minutes. I didn't finally sit down last night until after 10pm.

Today I started with a walk with a friend, then cleaned again, then went to a friend's for a late lunch and walked again, then returned home and went for a bike ride with my daughter, then spent the last two hours cleaning again. Ugh, so much cleaning! And I'm doing laundry, which needs to be put away before I can go to bed. So, although I've been eating and eating and eating, at least I've also been burning and burning and burning. Probably not more than I've been eating but I'm hoping to at least break even.

Tomorrow is Monday, so back to the grind stone and back to counting calories and my 5 hour, no refined sugar rule. I also want to implement a no eating after 9pm rule to stop the night time snacking. The snacking is making up 50% of my calories at the moment - not good!

I'm confident next week will go well.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

All part of the process...

I had several good days of eating and exercising and then last night.. I overate. Its all part of the cycle and the process. I ate a lot tonight, too, but not so much as last night. And tonight was just eating a little more dinner than I needed to. Last night, I ate until I felt sick. I woke at 2am and still felt full. And it was all ice cream and candy and treats, etc. etc. Anyway, so I woke this morning disgusted with myself, but then I realized that it is all part of the process. No one can be 100% and trying to keep my calories to within a certain amount always causes me to feel deprived and rebound by eating too much. So, today I didn't mind if I ate a little more at dinner. I'll just do an extra-long walk on the treadmill. It doesn't mean that I failed or that I have to start over or that I "lost" any of the ground I had gained. It just means that I have to keep going, day to day, trying to make good choices and trying to stay busy and trying to keep exercising. I do pretty good overall, and that's what counts.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Weight: 147.4
Loss: 2.4

I actually lost more than that because my weight had gotten up to around 152 or 153, but I went by the last weight I had published on here. It was great to get back to my lowest weight! And in less than a week! I'm very pleased. I know that the loss will slow down, but that's okay as long as it keeps going down. I am feeling good about my weight loss efforts and like I can maintain them. I just feel I've turned a corner. That other night, when I had the talk with myself, something just seemed to click in my mind.

The exercising has been going well, too. Yesterday I went for a walk and then actually worked on my Wii Fit, which I haven't done in months. Tonight I will just walk because I'm a little sore from 2 days of working on my side leg muscles. They aren't too sore, but enough that I think I should give it a rest. Anyway, a walk will be good!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


There is no hunger like the 3rd day of being "on plan." It doesn't matter how many veggies and fruit I eat or water and unsweetened tea I drink, I am HUNGRY! Its okay, though, cuz I know that it means I am burning through all this cushy fat covering my body. And that's what I want. Still, I want to eat everything in the kitchen too. Its not even like I'm trying to stay under 800 calories or something stupid, I'm trying to stay under 1400, which should be easy. But, of course, it isn't. And I know it isn't because I NEED more than 1400 calories but because my body (my stomach) is accustomed to getting more than 2000 calories and we are built to maintain the status quo. My tummy will become accustomed to less calories and I will feel less hungry...eventually.

The good news is that I am back under 150, yay! I was very excited to see 148 on the scale this morning. I'm still above my lowest weight of 147, but it's just such a relief to get away from the 152 I had eaten my way back up to. Yeah, that was only a 5 pound gain, but... it was a 5 pound GAIN! So frustrating when it takes at least 2 weeks to take 5 pounds back off again. But, enough of that, I'm getting back down there and that's the important thing. And I really feel that doing the no refined sugar for 5 hours per day has been a huge help. Not just because I don't eat as many calories during those 5 hours and I am learning more about the food that I eat, but because it proved to me that I CAN say no and I CAN control what I eat. I think that was the catalyst for me getting back to seriously cutting my overall calories.

Not that I'm going to be ridiculous about it. In fact, when I add up my calories, I'm writing it down in a notebook and guesstimating my calories rather than getting all detailed about it. And I have had a day or 2 when I didn't stick to my no sugar morning but I just started again the next day. And today I will go out to lunch with hubby and probably eat most of my calories for the day in that one meal, but that's okay too. I'll just do an extra-good workout later. There's gotta be give and take in any weight loss plan.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Beginnings

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep with a too-full stomach and feeling like such a fat pig, I decided that enough was enough. I CAN stop eating, if I really want to. I have proven to myself that I can say no to unhealthy food even when I'm truly hungry. I have proven to myself that it isn't about willpower or self-control but about making a firm commitment and not being wishy-washy about it. It truly is all in my head.

Thus, today has been a very good day with regarding to eating. I didn't get much of a walk in because it started raining and because I've been so swamped with work; however, I do intend to walk some more this evening on the treadmill. I am bound and determined, finally, to buckle down and start losing some serious weight. I'm tired of kinda trying to lose weight. It's not like I am physically incapable of doing so. I just haven't WANTED to enough. I've wanted the food more than I've wanted to lose weight. Today, I want to lose weight more than I want to eat yummy food.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Eating...and eating...and eating

Roast beef, candy bars, strawberry shortcake, oh my. I am an eating machine. I do not care about fat, nutrition or calories. I do not care about hunger or fullness or what I need or don't need. I do not care about the numbers on a scale, or on the tag of my jeans. I just want the pleasure of yummy food in my mouth and a super full belly. Maybe I died of starvation in a past life. Or I just have a very empty life and I am trying to fill it up with goodies. I can't even say with good food because, although some food I ate was nutritious, the majority was not. Chips and ice cream and fruit snacks that don't actually contain any fruit. Blech! I hate myself and I love to eat. I love to eat and to hate myself.

Tomorrow is a new day - I tell myself this every day. When will tomorrow arrive?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Plan

I always say I don't have "a plan" but I now do, actually. My plan started out with an experiment, but it is working well enough that I have made it part of my diet plan. My plan is to not eat anything with refined sugar for the first 5 hours of my day from the time I get out of bed. This morning I didn't get out of bed until 9am, so no refined sugar until 2pm. That doesn't mean that I can't have natural sugar, such as a piece of fruit, or even honey if I wanted - just no refined sugar. This has turned out to be a good plan for several reasons:

1. It has cut quite a few calories from my diet. I am drinking my morning tea without sugar. The other morning, we were driving to Seattle and I hadn't planned for breakfast beyond stopping at a convenience store and grabbing a banana. Only, the convenience store I stopped at didn't have any bananas or non-processed foods. I ended up driving to a grocery store and buying a banana and some cheese. If I wasn't sticking to my plan, I would have just eaten a doughnut for breakfast with the kids.

2. I'm forced to eat wholesome food. ALL processed foods has sugar, it seems. Even chips and soups. It's crazy! So, to eat food with no refined sugar, I'm having to eat simple, whole foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, even eggs. No bread, of course. I also can eat shredded wheat because it has few ingredients and no sugar. And it has tons of fiber.

3. I'm learning about the food I eat. Beyond the nutrition label, I'm actually reading the ingredient label. This is very educational and it makes me more aware of the foods I am eating.

4. The purpose of the experiement was to see if I could stop the endless eating throughout the day. So far, the plan has been fairly successful in this regard. I have been eating a lot less since I started the plan, although some days I'm still eating more than I should. It doesn't fix everything, but it is improving my overall caloric intake and making me less "insatiably hungry" in the evenings.

5. By gaining control of the first 5 hours of my day, I feel more in control the rest of the day. I am finding that I can turn down junk food even later in the day, just because I KNOW I CAN! I feel happy with myself for sticking to my plan each morning, and that gives me the motivation to keep it up.

The reason I'm only eating this way for the first 5 hours of the day is I would not be able to keep it up all day indefinitely. But I can do 5 hours. Anyone can do 5 hours. Or make it 2 or 3 hours, rather than 5, and build up to it. If you can eat perfectly for even part of your day, you're much better off than eating badly all day. That's my reasoning anyway. And knowing that at some point in my day I can relax the rules and go back to eating most things makes it possible for me to maintain the standard for the 5 hours I need to do it. I have been able to say no to food even when I desperately wanted it, just because I was still in my 5 hour zone. I can do that because I know I can eat it or something similar if I really want to later on. But, later on I usually don't want to anymore.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Experiment Day 2

I only lasted a couple hours this morning without sugar. Well, it wasn't so much that I was craving sugar, I was just super hungry because all I had eaten for breakfast was an apple. I am out of Shredded Wheat cereal and didn't have time to cook up an egg. Tomorrow I will scramble a couple eggs, though, and that will make it easier to stick to my no refined sugar for the first 5 hours rule. The food I had eaten that had refined sugar in it was Vegetarian Chili. Weird huh? But, I guess spaghetti sauce has sugar in it, too, so maybe not so weird.

As far as eating for the remainder of the day, I definitely have regressed from yesterday. I've eaten quite a bit, although not as bad as some previous days. I made a dinner of boneless, skinless chicken and cauliflower, followed by a yogurt. It was good! I still feel hungry though :( And not hungry in a stomach empty sense, but in a I want to keep eating sense.

I didn't walk today or engage in any other form of exercise, so my plan for the evening is to work on some cleaning and then do a Pilates DVD. I haven't done Pilates in forever and I could definitely use with doing that sort of exercise.

So, better get on with it then.

Experiment Day 1

So today was the first day of my experiment of no eating refined sugar in the morning. I decided on 4 hours, from the first time I ate, which was at 10:00 am. I had a bowl of shredded wheat with NO sugar on it. I had a cup of tea w/ Truvia.

I decided to eat lunch at 1:30 since I had company coming at 2 and knew I wouldn't be able to eat again until evening. Which put me before the 4 hour mark. I looked for all sorts of eats, but everything in my cupboard was out - even veggie beef soup!! Did you know veggie beef soup has sugar in it??? I didn't, but now I do. EVERYTHING has sugar in it!! I ended up scrambling a couple eggs with chopped tomatoes and onions. It was actually really yummy and I was glad that I had to put more effort into my lunch than just heating up a can of soup.

As far as how I ate over the day... REALLY well!!! I ate some grapes (which tasted especially sweet after avoiding sugar for my first 2 meals), crackers and cheese and avoided the cookies someone had brought over. For dinner I ate some potato soup, a salad and one piece of whole grain bread. I then had 4 Jolly Rancher candies for dessert :)

I felt much more in control of my eating. I didn't feel like eating beyond hunger or that I couldn't get full. Whether this was due in fact with my avoiding refined sugar for the beginning of my day, or just because of the act in avoiding a certain food made me feel more in control, I have no idea. That's why I wanted to do it for at least 3 days.

I also walked with my neighbor this evening. We hadn't walked earlier as we would have usually, but I decided this evening to just go for a walk and asked if she wanted to join me, which she did. We didn't have our lil ones or strollers so we put in some good mileage. I feel really good about that too.

All in all, a good day!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I do eat breakfast most mornings, although often late in the morning. I don't exactly wake up super early though. However, I'm wondering if part of my overeating is related to my breakfast choice. I've been eating a sourdough English muffin for the past week. I suddenly LOVE sourdough toast but the bread has too many calories so I switched to the English muffins. I then, of course, put butter and low-cal jam on it. That's a lot of bad carbs and fat, right? That's what I'm thinking. Maybe not such a good way to start the day.

Therefore, I'm going to try an experiment. For the next 3 days, I will start my day by eating a bowl of shredded wheat w/ bran cereal (already in the cupboard) WITHOUT sugar, sugar-free tea and MAYBE a piece of friut. No refined sugar before noon. I wonder if that will help change some of my eating habits.

Today I have already gone over my calorie burn for the day. I ate and ate and ate around noon. I had chocolate candy and Sun Chips and crackers and nut clusters. I didn't want to stop eating. Urgh! At least the chocolate candy, crackers and Sun Chips are GONE. I had the kids help me finish them off so there wouldn't be the temptation in the house.

So, let's see how it goes....

Sunday, April 11, 2010


So, in my last post I said I would start tracking my calories again... and I have done! I have been tracking my calories for the past several days. Yet, everyday, I eat the same crap. Every day I'm logging more calories than I'm burning. There are various ways in to see that you are overeating - a bar graph that shows your intake versus outtake, an active daily caloric goal, which has been showing a negative number for the past several days, a pie chart, etc. etc. So, why do I not care that it goes over every day? Isn't the whole point of tracking so that you say to yourself, "hey! I'm eating more calories than I'm using, I'd better cut back." I just seem to be shrugging my shoulders at it. And it's not like I don't care, because I DO. But, I want to eat the leftover chocolate Easter candy that doesn't even taste that good, regardless. It's driving me batty that I can't come up with a way to stop myself! Feeling very frustrated.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's a known fact...

when I'm not blogging, I'm not on plan. Not that I have "a plan" other than to try to eat healthy and not consume a lot of junk. I've been doing my usual up and down routine and mostly maintaining around 148 - 149. I'm happy that I have learned to maintain when I'm not actively losing, but I wish I would finish losing the weight I need to lose before going into maintenance mode. Well, it could be worse, right?

We've been moving house the last week so I haven't done any specific exercising. In fact, this is the longest stretch I've gone without walking and I wonder if I will struggle to keep up when I walk with a friend again. The weather has been rainy and cold so there really hasn't been the option to walk, but I haven't tried to fit it in because of the physical demands of moving. I've done most of the move myself, so lots of burning calories. However, rather than take advantage of this to actually lose some weight, I chose to eat fast food for most of those days. Ah well.

Last night I had a craving for potato chips - I never eat chips. Hubby picked some up for me at the store but he also purchased some Sun Chips because he knows I like them. I ate the potato chips, but they weren't as good as I had been imagining they would be (not that this stopped me from eating the bowl I had poured myself). I then ate some of the Sun Chips and they were much more to my liking, so I had a full bowl of them too.

Tomorrow I am going to start tracking calories again. I want to get down to 139, damnit! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Things have calmed down and, no surprise, my eating has too. I've been doing fairly well with not eating beyond hunger for the past few days and am seeing my weight drop back to where it had been, in the high 140's. I'm hoping to start working on an actuall loss from that in the coming week. Exercise remains a good constant, and I think it's safe to say that it is really a part of my lifestyle now. I don't "dread" exercising or see it as something I have to do anymore, except for going to the gym and REALLY working hard :).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Slowing Re-Gaining

I'm not deluding myself. I know that every morning I get on the scale it is a little higher than the day before. Nothing earthshattering, but half a pound here, a quarter of a pound there... it all adds up eventually. And it's all down to my eating. I CAN'T STOP EATING AT NIGHT! Seriously, I am eating toast with butter and jam at 11:00 pm. Or, as with last night, 2 candy bars and then a piece of sour dough bread with butter. And I can't seem to CARE. I mean, of course I care about gaining, but at the moment when I'm eating I really don't care. I don't care if I gain weight from processed, sugared, fattening food. I just want to eat it. In fact, I'm getting to the point where I'm kinda freaking out if I don't have something sweet to eat after dinner. Like something bad will happen if I don't get an after-dinner treat. So frustrating! I've purchased a book on dealing with emotional eating, but I have to actually READ the thing for it to potentially have any impact. That's my goal for tonight - to read the damn book. And NOT have an after-dinner sweet.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tough Week - Tougher Weekend

Its been a stressful and difficult week followed by an even more difficult weekend. Several things are going on at once - my husband is waiting hopefully for a job offer for which he interviewed the week before. We're looking for another house to move into it. And work has been very slow in his area for my husband. We are stressing about money, as always, and two of the kids were sick. As a result, I've been hyper-sensitive with my friends and misreading things into what they've said and done. Not a great combination.

Then we learned that my husband would be spending all of next week in California. And Monday is our anniversary. I was definitely not happy about either - that he would be gone for a week and that he would be gone during our anniversary - but I was glad that he had work.

So, we decided to celebrate our anniversary on Friday night. We got a babysitter and got a ways down the road and then had to turn back. My husband had a migraine and was not going to be able to enjoy a night out. He was going to soldier on but I thought that was ridiculous and pointless. So, we pushed it off to the next night.

Saturday I decided to get my hair cut and styled in the late afternoon so I would look fantastic (or as fantastic as possible) for our date. Of course, the hair stylist cut off way too much - instead of being shoulder-length, it is ear-length. Of course, sitting in the stylist's chair, all I could see was how fat my face was no matter what my hair looked like, which was super depressing.

When I got out of the hairdresser's, I could immediately tell by my husband's face that he hated it. I finally asked what he didn't like about it and he said that it has the same effect on my face as horizontal stripes has on an overweight women's body - in other words, my face now looks fatter thanks to the new hairdo. As if that wasn't devastating enough, I'm also pms'ing, stressing and about as hypersensitive as a person could get at this point. So, of course I start crying like a baby. Which pisses my husband off because he hates crying and he feels bad for making me cry. So, instead of heading out for our date, he turns toward home.

At home, we talk it out. He apologizes for the comment but said he'd been upset with me because he loves my hair long. I told him I hadn't exactly asked for such short hair and, even if I had, there was no reason to make me feel worse about it; even if he was only confirming my fears. This is the problem with living with someone who is too honest. He really will tell me if my ass looks fat in a pair of pants but when he says the pants look great, I know they do. Its difficult.

Anyway, so after talking everything out and getting over the trauma of a bad haircut, we finally went out. And it was okay - there was too much tension between us still to be anything better. The only positive note, really, was that I chose half a tuna sandwich and cesar salad for dinner rather than something greasy and fattening.

Not that I haven't been eating greasy and fattening the last week. I've been completely pigging out again. I feel adrift from my goals and incapable of sustaining a diet for more than a couple days.

But, in an attempt to improve, I purchased enough veggies to feed an army, eggs, whole grain bread and beans. I'll cook some chicken a couple nights this week but my goal is to otherwise eat just veggies, whole grain bread, eggs and beans. Let's see if it works....

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Quick weigh in post.

Weight: 148.8
Lost: 1

Not bad, considering how I've been eating (chinese takeout, chocolate cake, etc.).

Walk, walk, walk

I keep intending to engage in a high intensity workout, but so far this week that hasn't happened. Day 88, Thursday, I walked with a friend. Not far, just around the neighborhood, per usual. Day 87, Friday, I walked with another friend around her neighborhood. Day 86, today, I'm, again, going for a walk with a friend. I guess I should be happy that I have friends to walk with. I know a lot of people would love to have friends to walk with everyday and I do love to walk with them. However, I do also need to do some form of high intensity workout. Tomorrow I MUST go to the gym.

On another topic, work has been VERY slow for my husband. In fact, he didn't work at all last week. I'm feeling very stressed about that. Hoping it turns around next week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 89

Today was, yet again, a walk day. I really need to amp up my workouts and I keep saying that I will, but I never do.

So, lots of changes coming our way. The house we are renting is going into foreclosure so we need to move and hubby is in the midst of switching jobs. That should make for a nice and stressful month!

Nothing else going, though. I've been HORRIBLE with my eating and not losing weight and same ol, same ol.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 91

Today was a walk day. At like 10 minutes before the scheduled group walk, it looked like no one was going to join me today. Then I texted one girl who said she would go. Then I got a call from a person in my mom's group who wants to start walking and then another member of our walking group just showed up at the last minute. So we all walked - albeit not very far or fast because one of our group had her daughter on her second bike ride with us, which required quite a few stops here and there. No matter, we all had a good time. The kids played in the park afterward and they always enjoy that.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A bit of a vent

I want to go off topic for a moment to vent some of my frustration.

I only recently moved to Washington State from California and have been working hard on making friends in the area so that I'm not stuck at home all the time as I was when we last moved to a new area. And I have been pretty successful, but interacting with people has its down sides.

My biggest peev at the moment is that people are so flaky!! I understand that life gets busy and shit happens - but PLEASE, its not that hard. I have had people cancel on me at the last minute more times than I can count. Last week alone I had one girl cancel at the last minute twice! Literally, as I'm getting ready to get into my car. And its not just her, none of the women I have met and started socializing with have failed to flake out on me except for one. I am not saying that I never cancel out on something, but: a. I don't do it at the last minute even when I'm sorely tempted; and b. I don't cancel when I know its just me or me and maybe another person going because then the whole event gets canceled. And, yes, these women all have kids but I have FOUR kids to their one or two AND I work and they don't. So fuck that excuse!! Its just plain rudeness.

Phew! Feel better getting that off my chest.

So far, no soreness from the gym yesterday. However, I have had occasions where it took a couple days for the soreness to kick in, so I'm not assuming it won't happen yet. Still, I feel really good about going. And lo and behold, I had the energy to completely clean (the downstairs, at least) my house yesterday. I felt really good about that.

Today I am going on a 5 mile walk with a group I joined but have yet to participate in. There are over 100 members, but only about 15 committed to going on this walk. It will be fun to meet new people (hopefully, less flaky!) and I love talkin while I'm walkin. That's Day 91 down! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 92

Went to the gym!!! Yay me! I took the little ones cuz they have a great kids play area so they had fun. I wouldn't say I had fun, but I'm so happy with myself for finally going. I had a good workout too - 20 minute jog on treadmill; 10 minutes on StairMaster and 30 minutes on a stationary bike. I wanted to do some upper body workout as well, but I was so sweaty after my cardio workout that I thought it'd be gross of me to sit in all the weight lifting machine seats.

Tomorrow I have signed up to join a walking group on a 5 - 6 mile walk. I'm looking forward to it - just hope I'm not too sore.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess what I did today?

If you guessed a walk, you're right.

It was actually a close call between a walk and going to the gym. I was hosting a walk through my mom's group and by this morning everyone who had initially RSVP'd yes changed it to no, except for one. I assumed the one would cancel as well, so I got ready to go to the gym after the one either cancelled ahead of time or was a no-show.

Then, as I was on my way to the meetup place, all decked out in my gym clothes and with my gym pass, I got a call from her...saying she WAS still going but would be a couple minutes late. Well, that surprised me. But, I'm glad that we went - the weather turned out perfect with a warm sun. Also, we walked to a playground, which we had to ourselves. Youngest had a great time playing at the park and I got to chat away the morning in the sun. The walk was good too! :)

So, maybe tomorrow gym? You never know...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days 94 & 93

Yesterday I was sore. On Monday, not only did I walk around the zoo for hours, but I walked with a friend when I got home and then did my Wii Fitness Coach workout for another 30 minutes. I wanted to focus my Wii workout on my upper body, but the workout still included a lot of leg work and consequently my legs are stiff and sore and my arms are fine.

But, I still walked yesterday morning with a friend. I didn't do any other exercises, though, because I wasn't feeling well. I've been running a bit of a temp and feeling dizzy and out of it for a couple days so I just finished my work and then rested last night.

Today I went for a short walk (interrupted by a bout of heavy rain) in the early afternoon and then a longer walk this evening with a girl who I may start playing tennis with once the weather warms. I had advertised for a workout partner and this girl had responded, so that's how we met. We're going to start walking every Monday and Wednesday evening. She walks about as fast as I do so it should be a good workout. And it will definitely be fun once we start playing tennis. If we end up doing that.

So, I am asking myself, what about the gym? I never go to the gym! When am I going to start forcing myself to go? Its 24 hours! I can go anytime. I NEED to go at least twice a week to make it worth the money we are spending for it.

My goal for this week is to get to the gym at some point. I don't have to work out hard or long, I just need to get to the gym. In fact, I could just bite the bullet and swim for a while since my legs are so sore. Anything. Just get myself down there and figure out a routine. Not only because I am paying for it but because I really want a better workout than just walking. Walking is great, but it's not going to get me to goal as fast or well as doing a more thorough workout. And I want to be stronger and fitter. So, I have to get my workouts into my weekly schedule somehow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 95

I was planning on going to the gym today - even looked at the schedule to see if there was a class I could attend - when hubby said he wanted to go to Tae Kwon Do tonight with my 14 year old. Bottom line, no one to watch the kids. I could have planned on going to the gym when they got back, but it would be really late and I knew I'd probably not go. So, I called a friend and she and I went for a walk. In fact, we went stroller-less today and ended up walking a lot faster and farther, so it was a good workout. I'm also going to pull out the Wii and do some upper body exercises with one of my workout games. Should be good.

Day 96 (Yesterday)

Still sunny and warmer yesterday. Hubby said he'd take the little ones for the day so my older daughter and I went shopping and then played tennis. We also got a good walk in because the park where the tennis court is located is closed to vehicle traffic, so we had to walk about a mile each way. Which was a great walk because the park is well wooded and beautiful and it was sunny and dry and warm. A perfect spring day, in fact, except that it's not quite spring yet. We've definitely had spring weather, though.

Last night I grilled some steaks for dinner and then watched a horrible movie (Motherhood - don't waste your time).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Positive Changes, Sugar Binge & Exercise

Day 97 - walked with the kids at a new trail (new to us anyway). It was very sunny but with a really chilly wind, so we didn't walk nearly as far as I had wanted to. But, far enough to meet my goal. I had planned on going to the gym, again, but by the time I had finished the walk, let the kids play in a playground and done some grocery shopping, I was too tired. I had really low energy yesterday.

Today I woke with a headache, so I haven't done or planned any sort of exercise yet. I'll at least walk today but I don't know if I'll manage anything more adventerous than that.

I really want to learn to rollerblade but it is more expensive than I had thought it would be. That may have to wait until we get our tax return, such as it is.

On another note, I spent yesterday morning looking for a way to meet a workout buddy. I've placed ads on Craigslist and joined a couple websites but haven't had any luck. So, yesterday I started my own weight loss support group in my area that will include holding each other accountable and having group workouts. Hopefully I'll make a couple friends who are in the same boat and will push me to work out harder. That's the plan anyway.

So, last night we ended up at Wal-Mart (I was looking for rollerblades) at about 8:30 pm and we had yet to eat dinner. So, I grabbed a few groceries and a container of fresh baked cookies. We ended up eating the entire container before we'd gotten halfway home. Fortunately, I was sharing the container with my 3 kids, so I didn't eat it all myself, but still. I forced myself to eat a bowl of soup when I got home so I'd have something halfway healthy.

Then, about an hour later, I ate the rest of my ice cream. I probably only had 1 1/2 servings, but still. I'd already overeaten with the cookies.

Then, when hubby got home, he handed me and my daughter a huge box of Mike & Ikes to share. I managed to ignore them for about an hour before I gave in and ate several handfuls of the candy. Its not even that they tasted that good, but its candy! I can't ever say no to candy, unfortunately. Must work on this.

Maybe I just need to get off sugar completely. Except that I know I would be absolutely miserable and probably set myself up for failure. I already feel like I've failed just considering it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 98

Today went well - went for another walk with a friend and it is STILL sunny and warm. It got a little windy but walking kept me warm with the help of the sun.

I had intended to go to the gym at 1:30 pm today, but that didn't work out. First, there was a huge rush project at work that had a 1 pm deadline and I barely made that. At that point, I hadn't even gotten dressed yet so I quickly took a shower. Then, a friend called to say that she was feeling better and was in my neighborhood and could we walk. Since we had initially planned to walk today, I didn't want to say no, so that's how I went from planning a gym trip at 1:30 pm to going for a walk at 2:30 pm. But, after my project was done for work I still needed to do my regular work so I really needed the extra time to do that anyway. After the walk we went for a quick shopping trip and then I came home and finished working. Now its late and I'm headachey and tired and ready for bed, so defo no gym trip today. Must do that tomorrow, without fail.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Weight: 149.8
Loss: 0.6

I think I picked a good morning to weigh in and I bet it's higher again tomorrow. But, nevermind, I was happy to be (barely) back in the 140's.

Day 99 went well - I walked a couple miles with a friend - nothing too strenuous or exciting but still exercise. I had planned on going to the gym but, firstly I had too much work on, and secondly I got a migraine this afternoon and had to wait for a new prescription of Imitrex to be filled. I'm still not feeling great. I did manage to get most of my work done and the house tidied a bit. I need to do a really good clean, though.

So, tomorrow MUST be gym day. I shouldn't have any excuses, either, because I have nothing to do all day but work and go to the gym. The friend I was going to walk with in the morning is sick, my other walking pal is out of town tomorrow and I decided not to go to mom's group tomorrow. So, noontime gym workout with my toddler in the childcare game room will be perfect for us both. Nevermind that tomorrow is the last sunny day before a week of rain starts...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beginning Anew

I promise I won't keep starting over, again and again. That gets super tiresome. This is my second and last time to begin anew my 100 day goal.

So, Day 100 I went for a lengthy couple mile walk with a friend. It was so sunny and warm today, it was heaven.

Tomorrow I have a walk scheduled for the afternoon. Plus, I am going to make an effort to get to the gym. Either tomorrow or Friday, I must get my lardy butt there to do some real work. Walking is great, but not enough workout to burn many calories or gain much in muscle. Especially since I'm not pushing myself to walk farther than I usually walk, if that makes sense.

Friday morning I have a walk scheduled with another friend who likes to walk fast, so that's good. There's also a couple good hills that way.

As far as weight, I'll post an official weight tomorrow morning but I definitely gained some poundage during my trip. Not surprising since we ate a LOT of carb-rich food and almost no exercise. Not to mention the doughnut gorging during the days before my trip. I'm lucky I didn't gain more than a few pounds.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Days 94 & 93

So, here's how it went:

Day 94, I was driving 18 hours to So Cal. I figured the only way I'd get any exercise was to walk around every time we stopped for food, fuel or bathroom. This didn't work well for the first several hours of the trip because it was raining steadily through Oregon. We got into California and it was gray and cold, but not raining so I finally got out of the car to walk around the block while hubby was re-fueling. It was cold, with huge snow drifts along the sides of the road. I had gone about a tenth of the way down the block when it began hailing then raining then snowing. I still completed a walk around the block but I was feeling quite wet and cold by the time I got back to the car. At the next few stops it was blissfully precipitation free and I was able to do some more serious walking, and even spent some time chasing the kids around a couple rest stops. Even though I probably hadn't walked more than a mile in total, the fact that I had made a concerted effort to exercise counts as a successful exercise day in my book.

Day 93, went for a rapid-fire walk with my sister who always moves as though she's being chased by a herd of elephants. It was a good walk. Not long but some serious hills involved made it a successful day of exercise.

And that was it - the end of my days of exercising. The following days spent in So Cal were busy and stressful and exercise didn't make it on the agendas. The drive home was exhausting and while I did do some walking around again, it wasn't with the same level of intensity or determination as before and I don't feel I was seriously exercising, rather just stretching my legs.

So, my 100 days goal came to a screeching halt at day 92.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

96 & 95 Down

Yesterday's exercise was a good walk with a friend through her small downtown. There were a couple of good hills to add to the calorie burn. It was a good time all around. Added bonus was it was sunny and warm.

Today the rain is back, so I had to forego a walk with another friend. Instead, I did a more intense workout of 20 minutes running and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill.

Eating has been CRAP! Seriously! Three solid days of utter crap. Monday, I kept snacking all day on okay stuff and then ended the day with a butterfinger candybar and some Mike & Ike's.

Yesterday, I had a Snickers bar after lunch and then a doughnut and a half after dinner.

Today I ate a doughnut for breakfast, half a doughnut for lunch and nearly a whole doughnut as a snack. (Hubby had brought home a dozen but fortunately they are FINALLY gone.)

I am expecting a huge weight gain. It hasn't happened yet, but I figured my body is probably just gearing up for it to happen tonight or tomorrow. I don't know why I'm eating so terribly suddenly. I almost never eat candy bars or doughnuts and when I do it stops at one. I've been eating like a crazy person lately.

It ends now - with you guys as my witness.

Monday, February 8, 2010

97 & Easy Walk

Today was a group walk day and because one of the moms has a kid who likes to get in and out of the stroller every 15 feet, we only walked about 2 miles. That's okay, though. It was nice to get out and socialize anyway, and it still counts as exercise on my countdown from 100. It was sunny and almost warm so we also got to play in the nearby park...well, the kids got to play anyway.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

98 - Countdown from 100

I've decided to count down rather count up to 100 for my 100 days of exercise goal. Today wasn't a great workout, but if I hadn't decided yesterday to complete this goal, I wouldn't have exercised at all. I didn't sleep well at all last night, had a really bad morning (related to our income taxes and the realization that we are going to be PAYING a rather largish sum of money rather than receiving a largish sum of money) and then spent 4 hours preparing a cauliflower soup for tonight's dinner and a bean and veggie soup to store for the week. After accomplishing these tasks and then cleaning up, I just wanted to sit down and chill. But, I didn't want to give up on my goal on day 2, so I got out my Wii Fitness Coach game and did 10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of core body workout. I figure 20 minutes counts as exercising.

I have been tracking my calories today (yay me) and still have about 550 for dinner. The cauliflower soup is only about 250 and then I will have a bit of chicken and veggies on the side. I should be good.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

100 Days of Exercise

This has been my goal for a while but I haven't been working on it. Today is Day 1! If I'm going to have a goal, I need to at least try to achieve it instead of just writing it down and forgetting it.

I haven't been blogging much and we all know what that means...

Several days of bad eating: fries and cheesecake at a restaurant; carrot cake and a donut (yes, both!); 4 pieces of raisin bread with butter right before dinner - these are just a few examples of what I've been up to over the last week. And, surprise surprise, the scale was up in the 150's range again today. I'm not above calling myself every bad name in the book when I feel I'm sabotaging efforts.

However, today is a turning point. I am back to tracking calories. I am back to working out a little harder (not just a short walk) and I am back to blogging. All the things I need to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Today when I was setting my weight loss goal and inputting my current weight, I realized that to be back in the normal weight range, I have only to lose 37 pounds. Maybe that seems a lot to some, but it surprised me. 37 pounds IS a lot, but it's not when you consider I started with more than 70 pounds to lose when I started. It doesn't seem a lot when you consider that I've already lost 35 pounds. It has taken me a while, but I've done it and I continue to do it. I'm not a failure or weak or lacking self-discipline or all the other things I tell myself on a daily basis; because I'm doing it - on my own time. And it's working. So, I need to keep doing what I know works. And aside from that, I need to revel in what I've gained with my weight loss: I wear jeans nearly daily now; I sleep well; I have energy; I'm ten times happier and more content with life than I was a year ago; I can move my body in ways I couldn't a year ago; I don't shy away from going out and socializing; and then some.

It gave me the motivation to have a good workout today. I walked with the kids for 2 miles and then jogged/walked on my treadmill another 2.5 miles. I would have run more but my knee has been hurting and I didn't want to push it. Either way, it was a good workout. I feel tired and sore but good. Tomorrow I should get thee to the gym. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Weight: 149.2
Loss: 1.8

I'm thrilled to finally be in the 140's (although I've been in the 140's for nearly a week now). I was doing really well and then had a couple bad days but another good day yesterday.

However, 2 things I'm not doing as well on and they were in my week's goals.

1. I have not been tracking my calories. I keep telling myself to start again but I just haven't yet. Today I will start again.

2. I haven't exercised at the gym or at home or Jazzercise (for which I am still paying cuz I missed the cutoff) or anywhere except for my walks. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy that at least I'm still walking most days. However, I haven't run on the treadmill, used my Wii workouts, or DVD workouts or been to the gym in over a week. The walking is nice, but certainly not a "real" workout. I spent weeks experiencing muscle soreness in various parts of my body and I've probably lost all those muscles I'd gained because I've not really worked out to any significant degree in over a week. So, I told hubby today that I MUST get to the gym.

Today has not started off well (woke with a headache and slept much later than I'd intended to cuz hubby was home to get kids to school) but that doesn't mean it has to end not well. I have a scheduled group walk at 2:30 pm, but I'm determined to go to the gym after. Even though it will be super busy because of the time of day, oh well. I can't keep putting off a good workout because the gym may be too busy or because of something else going on. Working out and eating well must be my priorities.

Okay, back to work...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling down

I don't know why, but I woke feeling down in the dumps. I feel like my weekend flew past without me really accomplishing anything. I didn't do any form of hard exercise, just walks, and my house is a mess with laundry washed but not put away. I kept thinking, what did I do this weekend? I got shopping done and learned the knit stitch, but nothing else. Then again, do I need to accomplish stuff each weekend? Isn't it okay to just chill for a couple days?

Even though I was categorically unsuccessful with my goals last week, I'm going to jot down this week's and make a fresh start of it:

1. Track calories
2. Run at least once
3. Visit gym at least once
4. Work on book at least once
5. Clean bedroom/bathroom

I think I will feel better when my house is cleaner and better organized, hence the last goal. I am pretty good about keeping the downstairs clean and I have a friend coming over on Thursday so I know I will clean then, but the upstairs gets ignored. I think I feel edgy when my house is really messy and cluttered so getting everything put away and cleaned up should help me feel better.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too busy to eat

It's true that staying busy and away from the house a lot is really helpful in trying to eat less. I've hardly been eating anything the last few days and tonight is the first night I really want to snack. Not surprising since tonight is the first night I've had a moment to sit and just relax. I wish I could always be this distracted from eating. Even grocery shopping was easier because I wasn't hungry or interested in the food other than that I needed to buy stuff to make for dinner. I planned two weeks worth of meals, used coupons and store ads to make my grocery list, and spent less than $200. Not bad for a family of 5! And it isn't as though we aren't eating well: we have spaghetti with ground turkey, whole chicken, two chicken casseroles, chili with ground turkey, and a pot roast on the menu. I also bought lunch stuff, soups, diet frozen dinners, fresh and canned fruit, fresh and frozen veggies, lots of cereals, etc. I never buy cookies or chips anyway, so I didn't get those. But, I got snack crackers for the kids, cheese, 4 gallons of milk, various fruit juice for the kids and even a half gallon of ice cream. So, it isn't as though I didn't get a full spectrum of groceries. I just shopped smartly. It did take a LOT of time to organize my list and hit three different grocery stores, but well worth it. And trying to get it all done, plus I needing to get house work done and laundry this weekend, with a birthday party to attend tomorrow, I was plenty distracted from impulse buying. I still have lots to get done tonight but I also want to learn how to knit, so it's going to be a busy evening as well! Good, I say. I'm definitely seeing results.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Flu

There's nothing like the flu to create some weight loss. Unfortunately, it's almost all water and you'll just drink it back in over the next few days. Still, I was 150.0 this morning. A 149.8 would have been nicer, but I'll take what I can get. Especially as it'll be back up in the next couple days.

The bad side of the flu is that I haven't exercised all week except for a couple walks. NOT GOOD! I am probably losing muscle as we speak. I'll have to get sore all over again -UGH!

I haven't gotten back to tracking my calories. This week has definitely been a bust. Ah well, tomorrow is another day...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm a little surprised at my numbers this morning. The last couple days I have been eating really badly. I suppose it just hasn't caught up with me yet.

Weight: 151.0
Loss: 1.6

So close to the 140's but just not there. Trying to reign it in over the next few days so I can get the number down. Course, I am becoming way obsessed over the scale, which isn't a good thing.

As far as my weekly goals, I didn't track my calories yesterday; I haven't been to the gym this week; I haven't attended a gym class (I slept through this morning's); and I haven't run. Blech. I need to get my head back in the game.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


That's all I thought about today - food. I ate a lot. I don't know how much because I didn't track it. And I ate bad - chocolate, ice cream, candy, McDonald's, coke. Ugh! I probably undid about a week's worth of exercising in one day. And it wasn't that I was unhappy today. I just had no willpower whatsoever. I had no discipline or drive to focus on my healthy eating. I didn't even try to deny myself. I really didn't even justify it other than that to think that at least its been a long time since I've eaten this way - what the hell kinda reasoning is that? I didn't fight myself at all.

So, what's going on... My 2 year old is sick with the flu, which is a bit stressful. Work is, well, work. It isn't that bad at the moment other than I don't want to do it because now that I'm getting friends I have better things to do. Um, I've been super busy, but in a good way, or so I assumed. I don't know, really. I have been really pushing myself with exercise and today was the first day in a couple weeks that I didn't exercise at all, not even a walk, and didn't feel sore in any muscle.

I was feeling guilty over the weekend because of my 16 year old, who is currently living with his father. I was worrying that maybe I haven't been making enough of an effort to touch base with him, check on how he's doing. That could definitely cause me to want to sabotage myself.

Or maybe I'm feeling the pressure of getting close to the 140's and I am struggling with that. I mean, sometimes when you are close to a goal, you start freaking out that you're going to fail so you just give up before that can happen. Maybe that's where my head is?

I really don't know but I hope I can get my game back on tomorrow.

I can say that I have noticed a trend where I have one to three days a week where my calories go way up. Its a wave each week. I start out low, then hit a peak sometime in the middle of the week, then coast back down to a reasonable level. So, I've learned something tracking my calories.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I can't believe how busy I've become lately. Between work and everything else, I'm starting to get a bit anxious that maybe I'm spreading myself too thin. Today was nearly a nightmare trying to get my work done in the morning, a walk in in the afternoon and the dinner at a friend's house this evening. I then came home to more work I need to do to clear off my desk because I have somewhere to be in the morning. Then, back home to do more work, then a doctor's appt in the late afternoon and a run scheduled for tomorrow evening. I like it but I hope I don't drive myself to the ground. Cuz, this doesn't include taking care of three kids, dinner and a house. We'll see how it goes.

The good thing about being so busy is that I don't have much time to eat. When I'm lazing on the couch watching TV or reading a book, my thoughts always go straight to food. But, if I'm working until late then I am too busy to want to snack. I didn't even eat that much today, which is GOOD! Although, I guess what I did eat wasn't that great. Oh well.

I'm REALLY hoping to hit the 140's at my weigh-in this week. I was so close last week but had a bad day that pushed my weight back up. This morning I was at 151.6 or something like that, so only a couple pounds to get into the 140's. I really want to finally get there.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly Goals

I have so much going on, between my mom's group, walking group and gym classes, that I had to make up a weekly schedule for myself. Which is awesome, by the way. The busier I am, the less likely I am to succumb to mindless eating or binges.

On top of that, it worked out pretty well to have some short-term goals, so I'm going to set some new ones now for the next 7 days:

1. Run twice.
2. Attend at least 1 gym class.
3. Continue to track calories every day.
4. At least 1 day of upper body strength training.
5. Cook 1 new healthy meal.

Sadly, I've only gone to my new gym once. Isn't that pathetic? So, today I sat down with the class schedule and scheduled myself to attend two classes (Turbo Kick) and one free-style to do some upper body work. All I have to do is follow my schedule and keep tracking my calories. Today I am going to the library so I will find a new healthy cookbook.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Forever, I've had the goal of jogging for 30 minutes straight. Well, tonight was apparently an enchanted evening on the treadmill because, not only did I jog for 30 minutes... I jogged 40 minutes!! Only 2.5 miles, but that's 1.3 miles more than the last time I jogged earlier this week!!! When I got off the treadmill, I had the itchy burning feeling in my leg muscles, so I'm sure I'm going to be nice and sore tomorrow, but WOW it was great. After the first mile, it was actually rather easy. I was "in the zone" I guess. I feel so happy with myself. I also burned off enough fat, glycogen and fluid to get to 150.0 on the scale. 149.8 would have been nice, but I won't get greedy :) (Is it weird that the first thing I do after exercising is to weigh myself to see how much I "lost?")

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Weight: 152.6
Gain: 0.4

About what I had expected. I did super well with my eating today, until dessert. I splurged and ate a danish (or 2) and doubled my calories for the day. Fortunately I had eaten so little the rest of the day that I still didn't go over budget, but it was close. Too close. I'm not going to lose weight eating that way, but I also know that you need to splurge occasionally. Okay, I splurge more than occasionally, but I'm working on it.

My walking group is coming together nicely. I have several people interested in starting next week and three of us commenced our first walk today. We didn't go very far or walk very fast, but it's a start. There's another lady who wants to join but can only do weekends so I'm going to walk with her on Saturday. That means a lot of walking for me! Which is great. I still need to do my other workouts though. Although, I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to have time for everything. Between working full time, having a moms group, a walking group, plus trying to get to the gym for exercise classes, I'm going to be hard pressed to keep up with everything. But it would certainly not be a bad thing if exercising took over some other meaningless occupation, such as sitting and watching television or reading a book.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't need my arm to jog...

I got on my treadmill today for the first time in...forever. It was too dark, rainy and windy to go walking today or to use the track. I thought about going to the gym (the one I'm paying for, that one) but I had a lot of work and had to spend a few hours at a kid function so I thought I'd better keep it close to home. I really need to determine which classes I want to take and, oh, I don't know, go to one?

Anyway, I did jog for 20 mins straight and then walked for another 10 minutes. Not a bad workout, really. And I plan on getting on the Wii later tonight. I'm excited to try some of the other new games.

Diet is going well today. My calories were up for a few days in a row but so far, so good today. Last night I was doing well until I opted for an ice cream instead of the orange and then followed that up with some Pringles.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I doubt I'll have much of a loss, if not a gain. This morning I was back up to 153, up from 151.6 at the latter part of last week. Oh well...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Pain

Okay, I've read about Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) but this is ridiculous. I've been mostly fine all day today and yesterday from my upper body workout on SUNDAY, but now, Tuesday at 4:45 pm, I suddenly can hardly lift my arms. And not because I've done anything today, because I've just been sitting here working or watching my son at play group. Talk about delayed! I was a little sore, but now I feel like the muscles in my arms are tearing off the bone. I finally took a bunch of ibuprofen. How pathetic is that??? I won't EVEN tell you the weight I was lifting, because you would laugh your ass...

Food-wise, have done okay today. I didn't walk or do any other form of exercise yet so I'm a little high on my calories for my goal. However, I already added in the calories I will have for dinner (soup & salad & orange) and I plan on jogging on the treadmill tonight when I get back from my dr's appt. That should put me back on track.

I have started a local walking group. Its twice per week in the afternoons and we'll probably walk at least a couple miles. It should really help keep me going, and gets me out of the house. I'm looking forward to getting more members, but so far there's three of us signed up for it and we haven't officially started yet. Not bad for only having moved to the area a few months ago!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 6 Went...

So, Day 6 started out well...but didn't end so well. Firstly, I had a lunch out with my moms group. I did well, eating only a garden salad with ranch dressing on the side. Then hubby and I went out to dinner and, again, I did pretty well, eating only a small steak, baked potato and steamed broccoli (no bread or anything!). Then, when we got home I went for my first workout at the gym.

Let me say! It was pretty busy even at 8:00 pm on a Sunday night. I was really surprised. I thought for sure it would be a quiet time, but not so. I couldn't do a lot because my calves were still sore, but I walked for a bit on the treadmill and then did some upper body strength training. Enough that I feel a bit sore today.

After getting home from the gym, I had an post workout snack consisting of an apple and crackers w/ low-fat cheese spread.

By that time I was a little high on my calories, but not out of the park. Unfortunately, my eating didn't stop there.

I sat and watched a movie with hubby while consuming the following: More crackers and cheese; a chocolate dipped granola bar; a second chocolate dipped granola bar; and a bowl of pringles. My total calories for the day amounted to approx 2300. Which meant I ate 250 MORE calories than I had burned throughout the day, despite my workout.

Today I did pretty well until dinner. I had bean and ham soup, which was a bit high on the calories because of the beans. Then I ate popcorn and ANOTHER chocolate dipped granola bar. (Fortunately the granola bars are GONE and I will never buy them again because I obviously have no control when they are in the house.) I've eaten about 1450 calories, but fortunately I walked for over an hour this afternoon. I still didn't meet my restriction goal for my weight loss, but at least I didn't eat more calories than I burned. Between yesterday and today, my weight loss isn't going to be as good this week. Ah well...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 5 Down

Today went pretty well. My calves are still sore so I didn't go to the gym. I thought about going and just doing upper body work, but then decided to wait until tomorrow. I did go for a walk with a friend. We walk a lot, through our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods, rather aimlessly. Today I took my new heart rate monitor because it tracks steps, mileage, calories, etc. Its so sensitive, that even on my wrist and with me pushing a stroller, it was still counting each step. Anyway, after we were done, I looked at it and saw that we had walked a little over 2 miles in 1 hour and burned nearly 200 calories. Not bad! And pushing the strollers we probably burned a little more. Probably walking a 30 minute mile isn't great, but apparently that's how fast (slow) we are.

I've only had about 930 calories today, but I will eat a snack before I go to bed. I'm really trying to hit the 1200 mark, especially when I exercise even a little. I'm probably okay going under but I don't want to do it too many days in a row and end up with a slower metabolism.

I've been tracking my calories on Fitday and noticed that I'm getting very little protein. I looked into buying a protein shake or protein bar today, but the calories are outrageous!!! In my Eat This Not That book, it says the best after-workout beverage is a choco milk, so I purchased some Organic Horizon single-serve choco milk drinks. Each is 180 calories and 10 grams of protein and isn't made up of chemicals, so I think I'll stick to those.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 4 Down & Decision Made

Day 4 went well with regard to eating.

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs with canola spray and an apple.

Lunch was a yogurt and cheese (I'm trying to increase my protein).

Dinner was a southwestern style chicken salad and a dinner roll.

Beverages consisted of 1 coffee and several glasses of water.

Total calories for the day: 875

I was actually aiming for 1200 but I just haven't eaten that much. And, weirdly, I'm NOT HUNGRY. I have no idea why this is but I'm going to enjoy it!

So, I was still vacillating about the gym membership. I was dragging my feet. I was leaning toward not getting it. I just couldn't see myself working out in the street, essentially.

Today was a difficult day with work. I had to re-do a coworker's report because she'd messed it up so badly and it pretty much took me my entire day, which meant delegating some of my work to others. I HATE having to fob my stuff off on other people. Plus I feel stressy about my inbox being so jam packed with work, which will mean a stressful Monday. (I don't work weekends anymore, ever, no matter what.) Not to mention that it was head-bangingly frustrating to fix someone else's pile of crap. Anyway, so after work was done I loaded everyone in the van and off we went. Except I didn't actually have anywhere to go. I kept asking the kids if they wanted to do anything, but they were no help. I decided to go grocery shopping. On the way, I decided I was going to stop by another 24 Hour Fitness. This one is their upscale model and I couldn't get it with my insurance discount, but I wanted to see it before I made my final decision.

I knew as soon as I walked in that that was the place for me. Clean and shiney and no asses hanging out the front windows. Its on its own property, so no gawking passersby even if you did have to workout near the windows. And unlike the other gym, no one paid me any attention when I was walking around on the tour. Its bigger, cleaner, nicer and has better equipment. They even have a much better kids play area. I was already calculating how I could come up with the $400 for the year when the salesman told me they were offering a no joining fee special and the monthly is $37. I was like, say what? That's only $2 more than Jazzercise for a helluva lot more. But you have to sign a contract for several years and pay a hefty fee if you break the contract, says I. Not at all, says he. Its a month-to-month, no contract. REALLY??? I was practically jumping up and down in place. I could so see myself working out there. Can you guess what my decision was? :)

Day 3 Down (Yesterday)

So, as far as my goals for this week, here's what I had said I would do:

1. Run at least twice.
2. Attend at least 2 Jazzercise classes
3. Track calories
4. Look into ways to re-motivate myself
5. Find something to look forward to

I ran once this week, so still one day to go.

I only attended one Jazzercise class and there aren't any more this week, so I didn't meet this goal.

I did track my calories yesterday and the day before. I've been keeping to 1000 - 1200 calories.

I have been blogging daily, looking into new ways to exercise, and reading motivational stories of weight loss.

I have made arrangements to meet a neighbor to start walking together. She has a daughter near my youngest son's age and I'm looking forward to having another walking partner / playground buddy for my son.

I played my new Wii Fit Plus game last night. I like it a lot better than the original. It tracks your calories burned (although I think they are very generous with the numbers) and you can set up which exercises you want to do in advance. I played a couple of the new games and I look forward to playing some more. They seem to be pretty cool. My calves are sore today, so I know I did work out! Course, that puts me off running today, which is a bummer.

I have not made a decision on the gym except that I was able to download a free pass and I won't make a decision until I've actually worked out there. I need to know if its something I will feel comfortable doing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Weigh-In & Question

Current Weight: 152.2
Loss: 1.8

That's actually a re-loss really. I was down to 152.8 a couple weeks ago, and then up to 154 last week from eating too much after xmas. But, it's good to be down. I was kinda expecting more because I've been super good with my diet, but I have to remind myself that: a. I've only been super good for a few days really and b. I've been exercising hard which can cause water retention initially. So, at least it's a loss and next week I will see better numbers, I bet. Not that this is bad numbers.

So, here's my question: I am currently attending Jazzercise for $35 per month. The dance studio is located practically around the corner from me. I'm pretty comfortable going because I'm used to the people and there's always a variety of attendees. Plus I've learned the steps pretty well. Its always a good full body workout, with 30 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of strength training and 15 minutes of stretching. I don't always work out every muscle equally and the strength training is NOT difficult at all, but at least I always feel like I get a pretty thorough workout considering we are only working out for 60 minutes. The classes are three evenings per week at 6:00.

However, I am considering switching to 24-Hour Fitness. The pros: I can purchase an entire year's membership through my insurance for $220. They have a child care center so I can workout any time of the day or evening or midnight if I want. They have multiple workout classes at various times, including pilates which I've been wanting to take. There is a pool so I can incorporate swimming into my workouts, which I'd like. I'd also like to use the stair master and bicycle as well as the assorted strength training machines. Since I can pay for the whole year up front, I won't have to worry about a monthly fee like I do with Jazzercise. The cons: The cardio and strength training machines are all in one large room with windows all along the front so no sense of privacy while exercising. There were a LOT of people working out when I went to tour the gym, which is understandable since it was 7:00 pm and just into the new year, but considering the popularity of 24 hour fitness, I know there will always be numerous people there. Fortunately, there were people of all sizes. The fuel I'll use on the drive will eat up the money I save on the membership fee. Plus, the long drive might deter me from working out there as often.

I need to cancel Jazzercise before the 15th, so I still have a few days to think about it, but would like some input from others about it. Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2 Down

Did my jog today. It didn't start out well - in fact, I thought after the first couple laps that I wasn't going to make it even a mile. I did a lot of jumping jacks yesterday when doing my new Wii exercises and my legs were aching once I had started running. I made it about 6 laps before I had to stop and walk. But, rather than just giving up at that point, I kept forcing myself to jog after walking about 10 seconds. I probably walked about 1 lap and jogged 9 laps in total. Not too bad I guess, especially considering my legs are sore. They weren't sore at all before I started jogging but they're very sore now.

I made a start at tracking my calories but then stopped so I need to get back to that.

I've been doing REALLY well with my eating. Scarily well, in fact. Last night I ate a bowl of Healthy Choice soup, 1/2 cup of squash and an apple. And I told myself I could have a yogurt later, cuz I had burned about 200 calories with my exercising, but I didn't. I didn't feel that hungry so I skipped the yogurt and was very happy with myself.

I haven't seen much of a movement on the scale, but I know that when you start exercising more your body retains water so I'm not going to let it bother me.

Today I've eaten a bowl of Total cereal for breakfast and mixed veggies with cranberries for lunch. I'm going to have a cup of choco milk for a snack because it's supposed to be good for an after-workout beverage.

Now I just have to make it through the rest of the evening without going off on one of my binges.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1 day down

First half of my first goal done: I went to Jazzercise last night. It was a good workout. I felt happy with myself for going. It wasn't a full class yet, but I know it will fill up over the next several weeks.

I plan on doing my new Wii workout, which is just a glorified exercise DVD. The nice thing about it is that I can do any kind of exercise I want, be it strength training, aerobic or yoga. Or a little of all three, which is what I plan on doing tonight. Apparently it contains over 400 different exercises and you can choose the music and background. It should be good.

I did well with my eating last night. I ate a bowl of soup, one piece of bread and a light yogurt. And I didn't eat again the rest of the night. Of course, it helped that I went to bed early.

I'm looking forward to the new season of BL starting tonight. Watching the super heavy contestants work their butts off is motivational. I mean, if they can do it at 300 plus or more pounds, then I can certainly do it.

I also need to do a run, but I want to do it tomorrow. My plan is to get up early enough to get a jog in before I take the kids to school. That would be great!

I still haven't decided on WW.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Motivation, Weight Watchers, Running & Feeling Bummed

First off, I'm bummed because its back to the daily grind. The 2 week hiatus during the holidays was a nice break. I was still working, but the kids were home and I had family visiting and it was just a break from the norm.

Eating-wise, I didn't do too hot but neither did I have any binges. It helps when your parents are staying with you :). We ate healthfully, if not necessarily low-cal. And we had pie for dessert two different nights. But, still... no binging and we were eating good home-cooked dinners including salads and steamed veggies. We also ate good breakfasts because my parents are used to cooking breakfast every morning and they are both health-conscious of what they eat. In fact, my mom lost about 40 pounds this year and is as thin as she was when she was in her 20s, so she is pretty conscious of what she eats. We also managed to get some form of exercise in every day, primarily consisting of walks and doing the Wii Fit. My mom LOVED the Wii Fit and plans to buy her own. I'm looking forward to getting my Wii Fit Plus from Amazon, which should come in next week.

I didn't run at all this week. I tried going for a run the day before my parents flew in last Wednesday but it was icy and I kept worrying I was going to slip and fall. Plus, in trying to plant my feet well with each stride, my calves started aching. So, I only managed to jog for half a mile. So, first goal this week is to get a couple days of runs in. Tonight I'm determined to go to Jazzercise, though. I want to get back into the habit before all the resolutioners start filling up the class.

I'm considering joining Weight Watchers. I want to get serious about my weight loss. I haven't made any significant in-roads in my weight loss for nearly a year. I want to get into the 140s and below. But, I seem to have trouble getting motivated. On the other hand, I had joined Weight Watchers in the past and it hadn't helped much. But, then again, I know that the leader can have a huge impact on the success of the program. And your fellow WW's. Besides the cost, I'm loathe to give up one of my Jazzercise class days. Even though I haven't been going every class, if I join WW then I definitely won't go to all three classes per week and I think I should make myself available to all 3 since I'm paying for it. Hopefully that makes sense. On the other hand, if it helps to get my butt into gear with my diet...

So, here are my goals for this week (it's a goal oriented week after all):

1. Run at least twice.
2. Attend at least 2 Jazzercise classes
3. Track calories
4. Look into ways to re-motivate myself
5. Find something to look forward to

Hope everyone survived the holidays!