Wednesday, February 10, 2010

96 & 95 Down

Yesterday's exercise was a good walk with a friend through her small downtown. There were a couple of good hills to add to the calorie burn. It was a good time all around. Added bonus was it was sunny and warm.

Today the rain is back, so I had to forego a walk with another friend. Instead, I did a more intense workout of 20 minutes running and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill.

Eating has been CRAP! Seriously! Three solid days of utter crap. Monday, I kept snacking all day on okay stuff and then ended the day with a butterfinger candybar and some Mike & Ike's.

Yesterday, I had a Snickers bar after lunch and then a doughnut and a half after dinner.

Today I ate a doughnut for breakfast, half a doughnut for lunch and nearly a whole doughnut as a snack. (Hubby had brought home a dozen but fortunately they are FINALLY gone.)

I am expecting a huge weight gain. It hasn't happened yet, but I figured my body is probably just gearing up for it to happen tonight or tomorrow. I don't know why I'm eating so terribly suddenly. I almost never eat candy bars or doughnuts and when I do it stops at one. I've been eating like a crazy person lately.

It ends now - with you guys as my witness.

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  1. lol i had a donut attack last week! *Sigh* i just can NOT be left alone in a room with them.