Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 98

Today went well - went for another walk with a friend and it is STILL sunny and warm. It got a little windy but walking kept me warm with the help of the sun.

I had intended to go to the gym at 1:30 pm today, but that didn't work out. First, there was a huge rush project at work that had a 1 pm deadline and I barely made that. At that point, I hadn't even gotten dressed yet so I quickly took a shower. Then, a friend called to say that she was feeling better and was in my neighborhood and could we walk. Since we had initially planned to walk today, I didn't want to say no, so that's how I went from planning a gym trip at 1:30 pm to going for a walk at 2:30 pm. But, after my project was done for work I still needed to do my regular work so I really needed the extra time to do that anyway. After the walk we went for a quick shopping trip and then I came home and finished working. Now its late and I'm headachey and tired and ready for bed, so defo no gym trip today. Must do that tomorrow, without fail.

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