Sunday, February 21, 2010

Positive Changes, Sugar Binge & Exercise

Day 97 - walked with the kids at a new trail (new to us anyway). It was very sunny but with a really chilly wind, so we didn't walk nearly as far as I had wanted to. But, far enough to meet my goal. I had planned on going to the gym, again, but by the time I had finished the walk, let the kids play in a playground and done some grocery shopping, I was too tired. I had really low energy yesterday.

Today I woke with a headache, so I haven't done or planned any sort of exercise yet. I'll at least walk today but I don't know if I'll manage anything more adventerous than that.

I really want to learn to rollerblade but it is more expensive than I had thought it would be. That may have to wait until we get our tax return, such as it is.

On another note, I spent yesterday morning looking for a way to meet a workout buddy. I've placed ads on Craigslist and joined a couple websites but haven't had any luck. So, yesterday I started my own weight loss support group in my area that will include holding each other accountable and having group workouts. Hopefully I'll make a couple friends who are in the same boat and will push me to work out harder. That's the plan anyway.

So, last night we ended up at Wal-Mart (I was looking for rollerblades) at about 8:30 pm and we had yet to eat dinner. So, I grabbed a few groceries and a container of fresh baked cookies. We ended up eating the entire container before we'd gotten halfway home. Fortunately, I was sharing the container with my 3 kids, so I didn't eat it all myself, but still. I forced myself to eat a bowl of soup when I got home so I'd have something halfway healthy.

Then, about an hour later, I ate the rest of my ice cream. I probably only had 1 1/2 servings, but still. I'd already overeaten with the cookies.

Then, when hubby got home, he handed me and my daughter a huge box of Mike & Ikes to share. I managed to ignore them for about an hour before I gave in and ate several handfuls of the candy. Its not even that they tasted that good, but its candy! I can't ever say no to candy, unfortunately. Must work on this.

Maybe I just need to get off sugar completely. Except that I know I would be absolutely miserable and probably set myself up for failure. I already feel like I've failed just considering it.

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