Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days 94 & 93

Yesterday I was sore. On Monday, not only did I walk around the zoo for hours, but I walked with a friend when I got home and then did my Wii Fitness Coach workout for another 30 minutes. I wanted to focus my Wii workout on my upper body, but the workout still included a lot of leg work and consequently my legs are stiff and sore and my arms are fine.

But, I still walked yesterday morning with a friend. I didn't do any other exercises, though, because I wasn't feeling well. I've been running a bit of a temp and feeling dizzy and out of it for a couple days so I just finished my work and then rested last night.

Today I went for a short walk (interrupted by a bout of heavy rain) in the early afternoon and then a longer walk this evening with a girl who I may start playing tennis with once the weather warms. I had advertised for a workout partner and this girl had responded, so that's how we met. We're going to start walking every Monday and Wednesday evening. She walks about as fast as I do so it should be a good workout. And it will definitely be fun once we start playing tennis. If we end up doing that.

So, I am asking myself, what about the gym? I never go to the gym! When am I going to start forcing myself to go? Its 24 hours! I can go anytime. I NEED to go at least twice a week to make it worth the money we are spending for it.

My goal for this week is to get to the gym at some point. I don't have to work out hard or long, I just need to get to the gym. In fact, I could just bite the bullet and swim for a while since my legs are so sore. Anything. Just get myself down there and figure out a routine. Not only because I am paying for it but because I really want a better workout than just walking. Walking is great, but it's not going to get me to goal as fast or well as doing a more thorough workout. And I want to be stronger and fitter. So, I have to get my workouts into my weekly schedule somehow.

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