Sunday, February 28, 2010

A bit of a vent

I want to go off topic for a moment to vent some of my frustration.

I only recently moved to Washington State from California and have been working hard on making friends in the area so that I'm not stuck at home all the time as I was when we last moved to a new area. And I have been pretty successful, but interacting with people has its down sides.

My biggest peev at the moment is that people are so flaky!! I understand that life gets busy and shit happens - but PLEASE, its not that hard. I have had people cancel on me at the last minute more times than I can count. Last week alone I had one girl cancel at the last minute twice! Literally, as I'm getting ready to get into my car. And its not just her, none of the women I have met and started socializing with have failed to flake out on me except for one. I am not saying that I never cancel out on something, but: a. I don't do it at the last minute even when I'm sorely tempted; and b. I don't cancel when I know its just me or me and maybe another person going because then the whole event gets canceled. And, yes, these women all have kids but I have FOUR kids to their one or two AND I work and they don't. So fuck that excuse!! Its just plain rudeness.

Phew! Feel better getting that off my chest.

So far, no soreness from the gym yesterday. However, I have had occasions where it took a couple days for the soreness to kick in, so I'm not assuming it won't happen yet. Still, I feel really good about going. And lo and behold, I had the energy to completely clean (the downstairs, at least) my house yesterday. I felt really good about that.

Today I am going on a 5 mile walk with a group I joined but have yet to participate in. There are over 100 members, but only about 15 committed to going on this walk. It will be fun to meet new people (hopefully, less flaky!) and I love talkin while I'm walkin. That's Day 91 down! :)

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  1. yep - I hear ya! People just don't know how to commit to something anymore, especially when other people time and energy have been put in and will be wasted. Totally rude!