Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too busy to eat

It's true that staying busy and away from the house a lot is really helpful in trying to eat less. I've hardly been eating anything the last few days and tonight is the first night I really want to snack. Not surprising since tonight is the first night I've had a moment to sit and just relax. I wish I could always be this distracted from eating. Even grocery shopping was easier because I wasn't hungry or interested in the food other than that I needed to buy stuff to make for dinner. I planned two weeks worth of meals, used coupons and store ads to make my grocery list, and spent less than $200. Not bad for a family of 5! And it isn't as though we aren't eating well: we have spaghetti with ground turkey, whole chicken, two chicken casseroles, chili with ground turkey, and a pot roast on the menu. I also bought lunch stuff, soups, diet frozen dinners, fresh and canned fruit, fresh and frozen veggies, lots of cereals, etc. I never buy cookies or chips anyway, so I didn't get those. But, I got snack crackers for the kids, cheese, 4 gallons of milk, various fruit juice for the kids and even a half gallon of ice cream. So, it isn't as though I didn't get a full spectrum of groceries. I just shopped smartly. It did take a LOT of time to organize my list and hit three different grocery stores, but well worth it. And trying to get it all done, plus I needing to get house work done and laundry this weekend, with a birthday party to attend tomorrow, I was plenty distracted from impulse buying. I still have lots to get done tonight but I also want to learn how to knit, so it's going to be a busy evening as well! Good, I say. I'm definitely seeing results.

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