Thursday, January 14, 2010


Weight: 152.6
Gain: 0.4

About what I had expected. I did super well with my eating today, until dessert. I splurged and ate a danish (or 2) and doubled my calories for the day. Fortunately I had eaten so little the rest of the day that I still didn't go over budget, but it was close. Too close. I'm not going to lose weight eating that way, but I also know that you need to splurge occasionally. Okay, I splurge more than occasionally, but I'm working on it.

My walking group is coming together nicely. I have several people interested in starting next week and three of us commenced our first walk today. We didn't go very far or walk very fast, but it's a start. There's another lady who wants to join but can only do weekends so I'm going to walk with her on Saturday. That means a lot of walking for me! Which is great. I still need to do my other workouts though. Although, I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to have time for everything. Between working full time, having a moms group, a walking group, plus trying to get to the gym for exercise classes, I'm going to be hard pressed to keep up with everything. But it would certainly not be a bad thing if exercising took over some other meaningless occupation, such as sitting and watching television or reading a book.

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