Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 3 Down (Yesterday)

So, as far as my goals for this week, here's what I had said I would do:

1. Run at least twice.
2. Attend at least 2 Jazzercise classes
3. Track calories
4. Look into ways to re-motivate myself
5. Find something to look forward to

I ran once this week, so still one day to go.

I only attended one Jazzercise class and there aren't any more this week, so I didn't meet this goal.

I did track my calories yesterday and the day before. I've been keeping to 1000 - 1200 calories.

I have been blogging daily, looking into new ways to exercise, and reading motivational stories of weight loss.

I have made arrangements to meet a neighbor to start walking together. She has a daughter near my youngest son's age and I'm looking forward to having another walking partner / playground buddy for my son.

I played my new Wii Fit Plus game last night. I like it a lot better than the original. It tracks your calories burned (although I think they are very generous with the numbers) and you can set up which exercises you want to do in advance. I played a couple of the new games and I look forward to playing some more. They seem to be pretty cool. My calves are sore today, so I know I did work out! Course, that puts me off running today, which is a bummer.

I have not made a decision on the gym except that I was able to download a free pass and I won't make a decision until I've actually worked out there. I need to know if its something I will feel comfortable doing.

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