Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling down

I don't know why, but I woke feeling down in the dumps. I feel like my weekend flew past without me really accomplishing anything. I didn't do any form of hard exercise, just walks, and my house is a mess with laundry washed but not put away. I kept thinking, what did I do this weekend? I got shopping done and learned the knit stitch, but nothing else. Then again, do I need to accomplish stuff each weekend? Isn't it okay to just chill for a couple days?

Even though I was categorically unsuccessful with my goals last week, I'm going to jot down this week's and make a fresh start of it:

1. Track calories
2. Run at least once
3. Visit gym at least once
4. Work on book at least once
5. Clean bedroom/bathroom

I think I will feel better when my house is cleaner and better organized, hence the last goal. I am pretty good about keeping the downstairs clean and I have a friend coming over on Thursday so I know I will clean then, but the upstairs gets ignored. I think I feel edgy when my house is really messy and cluttered so getting everything put away and cleaned up should help me feel better.

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