Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2 Down

Did my jog today. It didn't start out well - in fact, I thought after the first couple laps that I wasn't going to make it even a mile. I did a lot of jumping jacks yesterday when doing my new Wii exercises and my legs were aching once I had started running. I made it about 6 laps before I had to stop and walk. But, rather than just giving up at that point, I kept forcing myself to jog after walking about 10 seconds. I probably walked about 1 lap and jogged 9 laps in total. Not too bad I guess, especially considering my legs are sore. They weren't sore at all before I started jogging but they're very sore now.

I made a start at tracking my calories but then stopped so I need to get back to that.

I've been doing REALLY well with my eating. Scarily well, in fact. Last night I ate a bowl of Healthy Choice soup, 1/2 cup of squash and an apple. And I told myself I could have a yogurt later, cuz I had burned about 200 calories with my exercising, but I didn't. I didn't feel that hungry so I skipped the yogurt and was very happy with myself.

I haven't seen much of a movement on the scale, but I know that when you start exercising more your body retains water so I'm not going to let it bother me.

Today I've eaten a bowl of Total cereal for breakfast and mixed veggies with cranberries for lunch. I'm going to have a cup of choco milk for a snack because it's supposed to be good for an after-workout beverage.

Now I just have to make it through the rest of the evening without going off on one of my binges.

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