Thursday, January 28, 2010


Weight: 149.2
Loss: 1.8

I'm thrilled to finally be in the 140's (although I've been in the 140's for nearly a week now). I was doing really well and then had a couple bad days but another good day yesterday.

However, 2 things I'm not doing as well on and they were in my week's goals.

1. I have not been tracking my calories. I keep telling myself to start again but I just haven't yet. Today I will start again.

2. I haven't exercised at the gym or at home or Jazzercise (for which I am still paying cuz I missed the cutoff) or anywhere except for my walks. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy that at least I'm still walking most days. However, I haven't run on the treadmill, used my Wii workouts, or DVD workouts or been to the gym in over a week. The walking is nice, but certainly not a "real" workout. I spent weeks experiencing muscle soreness in various parts of my body and I've probably lost all those muscles I'd gained because I've not really worked out to any significant degree in over a week. So, I told hubby today that I MUST get to the gym.

Today has not started off well (woke with a headache and slept much later than I'd intended to cuz hubby was home to get kids to school) but that doesn't mean it has to end not well. I have a scheduled group walk at 2:30 pm, but I'm determined to go to the gym after. Even though it will be super busy because of the time of day, oh well. I can't keep putting off a good workout because the gym may be too busy or because of something else going on. Working out and eating well must be my priorities.

Okay, back to work...

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