Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Pain

Okay, I've read about Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS) but this is ridiculous. I've been mostly fine all day today and yesterday from my upper body workout on SUNDAY, but now, Tuesday at 4:45 pm, I suddenly can hardly lift my arms. And not because I've done anything today, because I've just been sitting here working or watching my son at play group. Talk about delayed! I was a little sore, but now I feel like the muscles in my arms are tearing off the bone. I finally took a bunch of ibuprofen. How pathetic is that??? I won't EVEN tell you the weight I was lifting, because you would laugh your ass...

Food-wise, have done okay today. I didn't walk or do any other form of exercise yet so I'm a little high on my calories for my goal. However, I already added in the calories I will have for dinner (soup & salad & orange) and I plan on jogging on the treadmill tonight when I get back from my dr's appt. That should put me back on track.

I have started a local walking group. Its twice per week in the afternoons and we'll probably walk at least a couple miles. It should really help keep me going, and gets me out of the house. I'm looking forward to getting more members, but so far there's three of us signed up for it and we haven't officially started yet. Not bad for only having moved to the area a few months ago!


  1. DOMS is a cruel cruel mistress! :D

  2. You really don't wan't take ibuprofen for DOMS. It is an anti-inflamatory and inflamation is part of the muscles growth and recovery process.

    Take walk, foam roll, some light exercise should help with DOMS.

  3. Foam roll...foam roll...foam roll...

    I definitely run into soreness a full 36 hours after working out with my trainer. That thing that helps me is foam rolling...even though it hurts like crazy when I do it, it does make it feel better!