Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 5 Down

Today went pretty well. My calves are still sore so I didn't go to the gym. I thought about going and just doing upper body work, but then decided to wait until tomorrow. I did go for a walk with a friend. We walk a lot, through our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods, rather aimlessly. Today I took my new heart rate monitor because it tracks steps, mileage, calories, etc. Its so sensitive, that even on my wrist and with me pushing a stroller, it was still counting each step. Anyway, after we were done, I looked at it and saw that we had walked a little over 2 miles in 1 hour and burned nearly 200 calories. Not bad! And pushing the strollers we probably burned a little more. Probably walking a 30 minute mile isn't great, but apparently that's how fast (slow) we are.

I've only had about 930 calories today, but I will eat a snack before I go to bed. I'm really trying to hit the 1200 mark, especially when I exercise even a little. I'm probably okay going under but I don't want to do it too many days in a row and end up with a slower metabolism.

I've been tracking my calories on Fitday and noticed that I'm getting very little protein. I looked into buying a protein shake or protein bar today, but the calories are outrageous!!! In my Eat This Not That book, it says the best after-workout beverage is a choco milk, so I purchased some Organic Horizon single-serve choco milk drinks. Each is 180 calories and 10 grams of protein and isn't made up of chemicals, so I think I'll stick to those.

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  1. You should check out Boca Burgers. I wasn't getting enough protein either and I sure as heck didn't want to drink all those calories and sugar in protein drinks. These patties are found in the frozen section at any grocery store... high in protein and around 60-90 calories each! I love eating them on top of a bed of lettuce!