Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 4 Down & Decision Made

Day 4 went well with regard to eating.

Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs with canola spray and an apple.

Lunch was a yogurt and cheese (I'm trying to increase my protein).

Dinner was a southwestern style chicken salad and a dinner roll.

Beverages consisted of 1 coffee and several glasses of water.

Total calories for the day: 875

I was actually aiming for 1200 but I just haven't eaten that much. And, weirdly, I'm NOT HUNGRY. I have no idea why this is but I'm going to enjoy it!

So, I was still vacillating about the gym membership. I was dragging my feet. I was leaning toward not getting it. I just couldn't see myself working out in the street, essentially.

Today was a difficult day with work. I had to re-do a coworker's report because she'd messed it up so badly and it pretty much took me my entire day, which meant delegating some of my work to others. I HATE having to fob my stuff off on other people. Plus I feel stressy about my inbox being so jam packed with work, which will mean a stressful Monday. (I don't work weekends anymore, ever, no matter what.) Not to mention that it was head-bangingly frustrating to fix someone else's pile of crap. Anyway, so after work was done I loaded everyone in the van and off we went. Except I didn't actually have anywhere to go. I kept asking the kids if they wanted to do anything, but they were no help. I decided to go grocery shopping. On the way, I decided I was going to stop by another 24 Hour Fitness. This one is their upscale model and I couldn't get it with my insurance discount, but I wanted to see it before I made my final decision.

I knew as soon as I walked in that that was the place for me. Clean and shiney and no asses hanging out the front windows. Its on its own property, so no gawking passersby even if you did have to workout near the windows. And unlike the other gym, no one paid me any attention when I was walking around on the tour. Its bigger, cleaner, nicer and has better equipment. They even have a much better kids play area. I was already calculating how I could come up with the $400 for the year when the salesman told me they were offering a no joining fee special and the monthly is $37. I was like, say what? That's only $2 more than Jazzercise for a helluva lot more. But you have to sign a contract for several years and pay a hefty fee if you break the contract, says I. Not at all, says he. Its a month-to-month, no contract. REALLY??? I was practically jumping up and down in place. I could so see myself working out there. Can you guess what my decision was? :)

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