Monday, April 19, 2010

Eating...and eating...and eating

Roast beef, candy bars, strawberry shortcake, oh my. I am an eating machine. I do not care about fat, nutrition or calories. I do not care about hunger or fullness or what I need or don't need. I do not care about the numbers on a scale, or on the tag of my jeans. I just want the pleasure of yummy food in my mouth and a super full belly. Maybe I died of starvation in a past life. Or I just have a very empty life and I am trying to fill it up with goodies. I can't even say with good food because, although some food I ate was nutritious, the majority was not. Chips and ice cream and fruit snacks that don't actually contain any fruit. Blech! I hate myself and I love to eat. I love to eat and to hate myself.

Tomorrow is a new day - I tell myself this every day. When will tomorrow arrive?

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