Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Experiment Day 2

I only lasted a couple hours this morning without sugar. Well, it wasn't so much that I was craving sugar, I was just super hungry because all I had eaten for breakfast was an apple. I am out of Shredded Wheat cereal and didn't have time to cook up an egg. Tomorrow I will scramble a couple eggs, though, and that will make it easier to stick to my no refined sugar for the first 5 hours rule. The food I had eaten that had refined sugar in it was Vegetarian Chili. Weird huh? But, I guess spaghetti sauce has sugar in it, too, so maybe not so weird.

As far as eating for the remainder of the day, I definitely have regressed from yesterday. I've eaten quite a bit, although not as bad as some previous days. I made a dinner of boneless, skinless chicken and cauliflower, followed by a yogurt. It was good! I still feel hungry though :( And not hungry in a stomach empty sense, but in a I want to keep eating sense.

I didn't walk today or engage in any other form of exercise, so my plan for the evening is to work on some cleaning and then do a Pilates DVD. I haven't done Pilates in forever and I could definitely use with doing that sort of exercise.

So, better get on with it then.

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