Thursday, April 22, 2010


There is no hunger like the 3rd day of being "on plan." It doesn't matter how many veggies and fruit I eat or water and unsweetened tea I drink, I am HUNGRY! Its okay, though, cuz I know that it means I am burning through all this cushy fat covering my body. And that's what I want. Still, I want to eat everything in the kitchen too. Its not even like I'm trying to stay under 800 calories or something stupid, I'm trying to stay under 1400, which should be easy. But, of course, it isn't. And I know it isn't because I NEED more than 1400 calories but because my body (my stomach) is accustomed to getting more than 2000 calories and we are built to maintain the status quo. My tummy will become accustomed to less calories and I will feel less hungry...eventually.

The good news is that I am back under 150, yay! I was very excited to see 148 on the scale this morning. I'm still above my lowest weight of 147, but it's just such a relief to get away from the 152 I had eaten my way back up to. Yeah, that was only a 5 pound gain, but... it was a 5 pound GAIN! So frustrating when it takes at least 2 weeks to take 5 pounds back off again. But, enough of that, I'm getting back down there and that's the important thing. And I really feel that doing the no refined sugar for 5 hours per day has been a huge help. Not just because I don't eat as many calories during those 5 hours and I am learning more about the food that I eat, but because it proved to me that I CAN say no and I CAN control what I eat. I think that was the catalyst for me getting back to seriously cutting my overall calories.

Not that I'm going to be ridiculous about it. In fact, when I add up my calories, I'm writing it down in a notebook and guesstimating my calories rather than getting all detailed about it. And I have had a day or 2 when I didn't stick to my no sugar morning but I just started again the next day. And today I will go out to lunch with hubby and probably eat most of my calories for the day in that one meal, but that's okay too. I'll just do an extra-good workout later. There's gotta be give and take in any weight loss plan.

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