Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bouncing Ball

Still doing my up and down, one step forward and two steps back routine. I've been barely maintaining the exercising - although, I guess I could say that I have managed to do at least 3 days a week, even if 2 of the days is a 30 minute walk. I have been going to Jazzercise class every week, but only once last week instead of 3 times as I'm supposed to be doing. Last week was really hectic with work and hubby was working out of town, as well as having sick kids and fighting a cold myself, so I could cut myself some slack. In fact, the one day I did go to Jazzercise, I'd been working non-stop since I woke up in the morning and had a raging headache and a sore throat, but decided to go anyway because I knew if I stop now I'll never start up again. And I had heard that if you're feeling poorly, and it isn't lung-related or accompanied by a fever, exercising can actually make you feel better. And it did! My headache was gone and my energy was back. Unfortunately, I was feeling very body-achey on Thursday, the next class, and knew I couldn't manage the exercises so I walked on the treadmill instead. Tomorrow is the next class and I am for sure going.

Work is crazy busy - busier than it's been in more than a year. Which is good for the money but difficult to keep up with and I have a constant feeling of stress because of the sheer volume of my inbox. I'm just waiting for someone to complain. But, so what if they do? I worry about these things too much. It isn't like I'm not doing the work!

Eating is still not going that great. The only thing saving me from a pig-for-all is the lack of junk food in the house. If I do get the slightest big of junk food in, I consume it in short time. I did make some healthy meals last week, so that was good. But, I've been inhaling copious amounts of popcorn because that's the only snack food in the house. And I mean, eating 2 or 3 bowls a day throughout the day. With butter and salt. Twice I've eaten past the point of fullness. Clearly I have not defeated my food demons.

I am keeping up with my diet journal, at least. I'm on Day 101 with it. I write in it at least every couple days. Obviously it's not had a huge impact on me, but I haven't exactly been writing with purpose. In that, I haven't been trying to determine when I overeat or want to eat for emotional reasons and what just happened or is going on in my head at that point in time. I also haven't been working on my positive thinking. Or some personal goals I had set down for myself.

On the other hand, I'm continuing to be a busy, productive person. I'm continuing to maintain a status quo for myself with regard to how much time I spend being productive versus sitting on my arse, and with regard to exiting the house and thrusting myself amongst my fellow humans. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, as ever, and eventually I will see change. I have to believe that or what would be the point of doing anything?

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