Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Money Woes

So the company both I and my husband work for has decided they are no longer going to pay the full portion of the medical costs for employees - we are now sharing the premium costs. This results in an extra $340 per month out of our paychecks. We had already been paying for the kids' premiums so we will be paying a total of more than $600 per month in insurance premiums for the family. That's a lot of money for us to be paying more per month on a one week notice. I've been pretty ticked about it, in fact. Its essentially a significant pay decrease. I know a lot of people pay this much and more for their medical costs; the difficulty is that we have this sudden, unexpected expense for which we are not financially prepared. We will have to reconsider all of our expenses but I had already stripped most of our unnecessary expenses, so I don't know where the money will come from, or what we won't be able to pay as a result. I think we can still manage, but it does mean little to no disposable income and having to try to work more hours. But, that's the problem, too, we haven't been working full time still since the work slowdown last year. A couple weeks ago I only managed to bill 19 hours for the entire week.

Suffice it to say, I'm feeling extremely stressy and upset about this situation. The night I learned of it, I tried to go for a jog to let off some steam, but I broke my toe a couple weeks ago and its not healed yet enough for me to walk long much less jog. Of course, that added to my angst at the time.

My eating has been extremely up and down. Sometimes I'm super restrained and other times I just don't seem to give a damn. Consequently, per usual, I'm not losing or gaining weight. I keep evening the scales in my calorie consumption.

I never went back to TOPS but maybe I will today. I don't know...

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