Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Bee

It's been super busy since the wheels have really started moving on our relocation from California to Washington. We found a house, such as it is. After days and days of pounding the pavement and looking at house after house after house, we settled. No other word for it. I was on the second to last day before coming home and I pretty much decided before I saw the house that it was the last one and I would go with it. The fairies were playing along with that plan: The only houses we liked were horrible for young kids with don't-scratch-the-imported-wood-floors to miniscule, unfenced back yards and one that even backed onto a small cliff (beautiful views, of course) but this house that I had pre-decided on backs onto a private playground, fully fenced. Second, it was an extremely sunny day (first in a week) and so the house seemed light and airy. Third, there was no pressure to move in immediately as we'd had looking at other houses. And fourth, the landowner lives in our town - which is the fairies really working hard, in my opinion. Suffice it to say, it was a yes, yes, yes. However... the house is TINY compared to our current abode and not nearly as nice. Although, I do currently live in a half-million dollar house so that's unfair. The new house is 3 years old, grown out of a good neighborhood and has 4 bedrooms. But, it doesn't have an office, dining room (just a dining area off the kitchen) family room or bonus room. It is an open floor plan (read: they saved money by not bothering with walls in the kitchen, dining and living rooms) which I usually dislike but probably added to the light and airy feel of the house. The bedrooms are miniscule, but there are three bathrooms (go figure!).

Anyway, so we're moving in just under a month and the pressure is on. If I'm not obsessing over how I'm going to fit all my furniture without having to surf the surface of my couches and table to get to the kitchen, I'm obsessing over all the things we need to do to get from point a to point b. And there's a lot. Unfortunately, it hasn't been long enough since my last move. Moving house is like being pregnant, you have to space it with enough time from the last to give yourself a chance forget how bloody awful it is. The good news is I should be physically busy with all the packing and whatnot, although that may be undermined by the amount of cortisol running through my bloodstream. (Cortisol knowledge is compliments of Jillian Michaels podcast.)

As far as being on plan, I've been doing okay. Good days and bad, one following the other. I only managed about 3 days of concerted effort exercising in the pool and hotel gym, but better than nothing. And food choices were hit and miss. I managed to gain 1 or 2 pounds (not entirely sure because I had eaten a ton of overly salted pumpkin seeds on the drive home). Today I didn't exercise, which I had really meant to. Tomorrow for sure! I also had planned on a light dinner, but we ended up eating out because we were so busy and running errands all afternoon/evening. I had half a burrito with beef. I had thought I had ordered a bean and cheese burrito but apparently not. At least I only ate half, right? But I also finished eating the bag of boston baked beans I'd purchased the other day for the driving about. Ah well, at least its gone now.

I did manage to get to the grocery store and purchase enough fruit and veg to keep the entire fam constipated for a week.

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