Thursday, July 16, 2009


I nearly forgot to post my weigh-in, my first in a couple weeks.

Weight: 160.4
Loss: 0.4

I'm amazed I lost anything, to be honest. I had gained at least a pound on the trip. Just goes to show how a little effort makes a big dif. I'm bad to tracking calories on FitDay and exercising every day. In fact, I'm sitting in my workout clothes as I write, sweaty and probably smelling like a field of flowers... I don't know why I like sitting at the computer after I workout - it's an illness.

Anyhow, we're officially moving on 7/31, so I'm happy to get my workouts in. I did 30 mins treadmill on an incline and 30 mins on a fast, flat walk. I definitely need the happy hormones from exercising at the moment because I'm STESSY with this impending move.

BTW, I learned that Vitamin C helps battle weight gain when stressed. You probably already knew that, but I just learned that the other day. Suffice it to say, I'm swilling OJ and taking supplements (but not like so crazy I poison myself).

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