Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Straddling the Wagon

Not literally, because that would be painful.

Basically, I've been sorta exercising and sorta watching what I eat, but not really. I'm not "giving up" but neither am I putting much effort into my weight loss. I've had some minor weight gain over the past couple weeks - not enough to throw myself in front of a moving train, but enough to be annoying because that means I overate by 3500 to 7000 calories in a couple weeks, which is A LOT! Not to mention the fact that each pound loss is such a hurtle it always amazes me that I can so casually allow it back on.

And a pound is a lot. I know when we're talking 50, 70, 90, 100 pounds or more to lose, 1 pound seems miniscule and pathetic. But in terms of how much a pound actually represents in fat mass, it's quite a bit. A pound of fat is equivalent to four sticks of butter or 2 cups. Imagine having to grab a few sticks of butter and adding it to your body mass... not cool. So, while of course we don't want to become neurotic and obsessive (like, I'm totally not), its still good to remember that a pound is actually quite a bit of mass and we certainly want to celebrate every stick of butter we burn off and not shrug off every pound gained as if it were no more mass than a pea.

So, I'm climbing back onto my wagon and getting back to what worked before. That means tracking calories and exercising at around lunch time and either cleaning or walking in the evening. This has proven to be effective in the past. This formula got me to where I am today, which is having knocked off the equivalent of 100 sticks of butter. Thinking of it in those terms...why wouldn't I do it?

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