Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holidays...gotta love em

So, I made the mistake of taking the kids shopping with their christmas money from grandma tonight. What was I thinking??? I had to eat a McDonald's Big Mac, fries and coke to ease the pain of the traffic and people. Okay...I just really wanted a cheeseburger and fries, but I would have been way more bothered by the traffic and dealing with so many people at once if I hadn't put myself in a fat/sugar coma.

After visiting a couple clothing shops for my 14 year old, I drove us to Barnes & Noble and it was blissfully quiet. I didn't even have to search for a parking space! I guess people don't buy books for christmas presents.

Notice how I capitalize McDonald's and Big Mac but not christmas???? I guess we know what's more important to me.

I didn't step on the scale today, which I know is a good thing. I'm disappointed with my continued "bad" eating. But, today I was much more "oh give up and relax!" to myself. I mean, so it's Christmas (happy?) time and making myself grouchy and upset isn't going to help me to stay on plan is it? Better to just go with the flow and get through this crazy week. Then I can go back to mentally flogging myself.

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