Thursday, May 14, 2009


Weight: 163.8
Lost: 0.2

Numbers are fine with me this week - I thought for sure it would be another gain but I did well the last couple days. I've really been struggling with staying on track because I feel depressed and lacking in motivation at the moment. However, I am still exercising every day - I'm on day 38! I feel good about that, if nothing else.

Hubby is still away and won't be coming home until next week. He's only coming home for a VISIT though, because he'll be gone again after 3 days of being home. I told him this lifestyle is unacceptable to me, I want a husband who is home, not one who visits! Hubby's response was that we'll move north where he is being sent to work next year. He is fine with his traveling and isn't in a rush to change it. We've had this argument every time we've talked this trip so I've turned off my phone and I don't want to talk to him about any of it anymore. It makes me feel sad and hopeless about the situation.

Food-wise, I haven't been tracking what I've been eating. We don't have any junk food in the house, so there's no opportunity to eat it, but I'm not watching my portions or anything at the moment. I need to get back on track, but can't be bothered at the moment. Exercising is my priority, and trying to drink water and choose good foods more often than not.

Hopefully this next week will progress better.

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