Monday, August 17, 2009

My Face

So, I got my Washington driver's license in the mail today and I was astonished and disgusted with my photo. I look so much fatter than I feel! My eyes are tiny dots in my overly round face, the underside of my chin hangs down so far it gives the illusion of a separate feature. I look drugged and tired and unhappy. I didn't realize I looked like that!! I know that we are our worst critic and, of course, I'm focusing on all the negative, but even when I try to look at myself objectively, all I see is a very fat, unhappy person. Do I really go around looking that unhappy or can I see something others don't?

I wish I could say that this is incentive to lose weight, but right now I just feel out of sorts with myself. I am sticking to my good diet and I finished a 45 minute cardio workout today, so it's not having the opposite effect. I'm definitely going to avoid looking at that photo until I lose more weight!

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