Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ever heard of TOPS = Take Off Pounds Sensibly? Apparently there are chapters everywhere. I don't know a lot about them, other than that my mother and grandmother were members of their local chapters and it could be renamed "Take Off Pounds (for) Seniors." I looked into joining a chapter in Redding for two reasons:

1. It worked for my mom for years.
2. Its way cheaper than Weight Watchers but really no different, from what I could tell. The cost is $27 a YEAR, not biweekly.

Anyway, I looked into joining in Redding, but a photo of the members revealed they were all white haired seniors and, well, I didn't think I'd fit in well with the group, being that I'm in my early 30's. So, I went to Weight Watchers a few times, hated the cost, disliked the leader, wasn't getting anything out of it and stopped going.

When we got to Washington, I looked up a local chapter of TOPS but there was no photo of the members. I figured it would likely be all seniors again, but you never know... my mom wasn't a senior when she attended and, from memory, most of the other members weren't seniors either. So, maybe that was particular to Redding?

I can honestly say they weren't all white-haired, but they were all at least 20 years my senior and most of them 30 or 40 years my senior. Which, if I wanted to feel young, isn't a bad thing. But, it was a bit cheesy. First of all, they meet in the rec room of an apartment complex. And the complex isn't even that nice - it's in the okay range. When I got to the meeting, one of the residents of the apartment complex was watching a movie, very loudly. We had to wait until he finished.

To be fair, the team leader wasn't present because her sister is ill. The rest of the meeting was rather haphazard, but I can understand that since the leader wasn't present. The members who were there said that that night was light on member attendance, which I can chalk up to being August and super hot at the moment.

We didn't really discuss weight loss.

I'm undecided.

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