Sunday, January 25, 2009

For Better or Worse

So, I made the commitment to a gym. I hereby promise to work out at the gym at least 3 days a week for the next 48 weeks. Scary! But, in a good way. Yesterday I worked out for over an hour: on an eliptical, treadmill and the strength training machines. They have a room of women's only strength training machines away from the main floor, which is too cool because I always feel self-conscious on them. There was NO ONE in that room while I was there. They also have a small room off that room with a few cardio machines if you don't feel like exercising in front of a bunch of people, which is also good for me. Although, unfortunately all the treadmills are on the main floor. But, I didn't feel self-conscious in the least. The majority of the exercisers (of which there were about 20 at any given time) were overweight men. I only saw about 5 women the whole time I was in the gym. There were a few intimidating gym bunnies, but they were outnumbered so I felt safe.

All in all, it's a good gym. The main selling point was the free babysitting! Between 8am and 8pm, Monday through Thursday, and 8am to 6pm Friday, I can drop my two youngest kids off for babysitting while I work out. How cool is that?? So, even if hubby is out of town, I can still work out. Its a no-excuses gym :). They have good hours too - 4:30 am to 11:00 pm most of the week. No excuse there, either, then.

The money was pretty high, but worth it if I can finally reach my ultimate goal. And I can pay for it plus some just by working an extra hour each weekend. That's not hard, right?

Weirdly, despite my efforts yesterday, only my left calf is sore today. How does that happen?? It should at least be both calves, right?

Because I purchased the membership through my health insurance, my membership doesn't officially start until midday tomorrow. So, no working out today. Which, I'm actually disappointed about. I'd be at the gym right now if I could. I hope that sentiment lasts!!


  1. I think its great you decided to join the gym. I am too intimidated at this point, but really want to do it. Am saving for a family vacation right now, so all my money is going towards the summer. However, I have a friend, as I said in my post, that will walk with me everyday. Joining a gym isn't completely out of the question!!!

    I am so proud you just jumped right in and did it!! Good for you!

  2. HIHI thanks for stopping in! I've added you to my blog perving list sot aht I can follow up on your progress. LOL - two step program... thats soooo what I'm on too.


  3. GREAT job on taking that leap! Remember 21 days and it will become a habit!

    I joined a gym early in December, mainly for the pool as I was tired of the rec center...lo and behold, now I am doing step aerobics, zumba, free never know what is going to happen when you take that leap!

  4. its a leap and you are DOING IT.

    here's to the gym and your feeling the ...trepidation and joining ANYWAY!


  5. That sounds like a really positive step - a good way to get some good, satisfying, healthy mom time away from the kids, too.

    Good luck with your journey. I'll be reading to see your updates!