Friday, January 23, 2009

Today is the Day!

It's time. Time to get my act together and start behaving as though I want to seriously lose weight. Enough kinda losing weight. Enough kinda dieting and exericising. It is past time for me to get down and dirty with this war against my fat. I want to shrink my booty and stop just talking about it.

So, back to my daily commitments. I WILL drink 6 glasses of water today. I will also do one of my exercise DVD's.

On top of all that, I will document my consumption. I purchased and downloaded FitDay for $20 last year and used it for a few weeks, but then stopped. It can be annoying and time consuming entering every bite you eat or sip of drink you take, especially when the food isn't already listed and you have to input the nutrition information yourself. However, it's a great tool for determining how well you're eating - how many calories, how much fat, how nutritious your food is, etc. For instance, I realized last time I was monitoring my food that I was doing well with fiber but my fat was a little high and my Vitamin D intake was really low. My calcium intake wasn't so great either. So, I added a glass of non-fat milk and some yogurt to my diet and that seemed to improve matters a bit.

I feel good today, so there's NO excuses not to drink my water and get my exercise. I'll post later on how I did today.

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  1. Thank you for the comment you made on my blog today. It meant a lot to hear from someone who has been there. Deep down, I know it will get worse, and that leaving now is the best. It's still hard.