Friday, January 30, 2009

Me n Pizza

This is my typical behavior: I have a 1.6 pound weight loss in less than a week. I eat half a pizza for dinner. I am back up on the scale the following morning. (My 2-step program in action.)

Why do I do that? First off, when I decided to order pizza for dinner, I knew it was a mistake. I told myself I would only eat 2 pieces and that it wasn't completely bad because I was getting the multi-grain crust. Like that makes up for the gazillion calories and fat grams?? Not. Anyway, so then we get the pizza and I don't eat 2 or 3 or even 4 pieces - I eat 5 pieces of pizza! And if that weren't bad enough, I drink a glass of full-cal Mountain Dew.

The weight loss should have given me the motivation to do well, not slide back. But, it seems that every time I start doing well, I have to sabotage my efforts. This is a NOT GOOD cycle. Not the end of the world, of course, but I need to figure out why I do this.

Today is better. I ate my one egg on whole-wheat english muffin with no condiment for breakfast. Fruit for snack. Veggie soup and fruit for lunch.

At the gym:

20 min stationary bike
30 min eliptical
10 min strength training

I wanted to do some work on a step machine, but ran out of time cuz I had to be home before the girls arrived from school.

On the eliptical, I went balls-out (as hubby would say) and got my heart rate up to 180. I was huffing and puffing and seeing stars, but I felt really good for it afterward. That was for the pizza!


  1. Self sabotage...if I only knew why we did it I'd write a book and make a fortune!

    Great job on the exercise!

  2. I agree re: the self sabotage. I think lots of us do this. I know I do it often. But at least you recognize that you do it. That is a great step!

  3. Pizza would be hard for me to resist too!