Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I will go for a walk today. I will. Just, um, not yet. I have to take my son to the mall and my daughter's friend is coming over for the night, so that means shuttling them around too. But, it's a beautiful day, sunny and warm, and I know I will feel better if I get some sun and exercise; I always do. It's just a matter of actually doing it.

Eating-wise, I've been doing well. Amazingly, I've had a box of assorted See's chocolates since Christmas and they're still not gone. I've been eating a couple a night and that's it! That's amazing for me. And I haven't been wanting to eat my weight in snacks late at night. I don't know if that's the result of drinking a lot of ice water in the evenings or because I'm eating a healthier diet and my body isn't craving nutrients. Maybe it's both.

I'm also finally eating breakfast regularly. I wake up hungry! I used to not get hungry for at least a couple hours after I'd wake up. I guess my body is starting to work on a "normal" schedule. Whatever the reason, it's nice to not be suddenly stricken by painful hunger several hours after I wake and willing to eat anything and everything.

Monday, I'm going to start a new daily quota to meet, but I'll go into that then.

In the meantime, I have chaufeurring and a walk to do.

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