Saturday, January 24, 2009

To Gym or Not To Gym

Okay, so I'm seriously thinking about joining a gym. I get a discount (although likely minimal) on a gym membership through my health insurance, but it is still more than 40 a month. Although I don't have to commit to a contract, there is still a hefty sign-on fee so I would need to use the service for several months at least to make it worthwhile in the end.

I'm also considering less upscale gyms that may be cheaper (they don't have websites so I don't know the pricing yet).

The thing is, right now I feel jazzed about working out in a gym. I have before and I totally kicked ass, sometimes working out for as long as 2 hours. But, then I started having work problems and stopped working out at the gym. Once I'd stopped, I never went back.

The difference now is my schedule is much more flexible. But hubby is often away. But, the gym won't be nearly as intimidating because I'm in a small town whereas the last gym I was a member of was so crowded you sometimes had to wait for a machine. And there were gorgeous bodies everywhere. People everywhere. Sometimes hundreds in the gym at one time. I'm very intimidated by crowds. I seriously doubt I will have that problem where I live now.

But, I can't afford to commit to something and then not go.

So, I don't know what I will do. The thought of going to work out at a gym has me skipping about the house - I LOVE the potential. I want to break sweat like the BL contestants.

Can I trust myself to keep doing it, every day or at least 3 times a week?

I wish I could say yes, without a doubt.

Well, I'll just have to go see em and decide, won't I.

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