Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 4

Today started out pretty bad and got even worse. Actually, it started last night when I got into a whopper of a fight with dear hubby and went to bed at like 7pm, just to escape the crisis. I woke this morning feeling sorry for myself and deeply unhappy. I skipped the journaling, as I just wasn't in the mood. I climbed over and through the clutter of the hallway and the living room (hubby was left in charge of the kids last night) and swept a stack of dishes aside to reach the coffee pot. I stumbled to the office and grumpily began trolling emails. Twice I went in to talk to hubby to settle things, but he was pretty much unresponsive.

DH and I finally got around to having another go at solving our problems from about 11 am to 2 pm, when we had to start getting ready to go to our daughter's graduation. The good thing is hubby finally saw my POV. It doesn't change anything - we still face each other on opposing sides - but its nice that he at least understands where I'm coming from.

I ate 4 pieces of toast for breakfast and then nothing until after the graduation. I had hubby take me to a one-step-up from fast food taco stand restaurant where I ordered a nice, fattening burrito and ate 2/3s of it. I came home and was going to work out but the house was a wreck and I'm sore from yesterday's workout, so I grabbed a glass of wine and popped Robbie Williams into the stereo and started cleaning instead. I forget that cleaning can be cathartic. By the time I'd got the floor swept and the carpet vacuumed, I felt much better.

I feel a little perturbed with myself for the burrito, but not too badly. I also kinda wish that I'd gone ahead and exercised anyway, but I'm much too tired now. I think I'm just going to chill for the evening and start tomorrow in a better frame of mind.


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  2. I'm reposting because I forgot a few words:

    Excuse me, but how bad were you really? You didn't eat very nutritiously, but you actually didn't eat that much either. And as far as exercise goes--you cleaned house. That counts.

    I can't help you with hubby issues, but I can remind you that you're not doing so badly on the food front.

    Take care,