Saturday, June 27, 2009


Okay, my BMI is high. I know this. I know I'm "obese." I know that when people look at me they see "fat."

But, I don't FEEL that fat. I feel overweight, but not OBESE. I don't feel as big as my pants look.

However, in taking my measurements, finally, I am aghast at the numbers. My waist, at the fattiest part, is more than 42 inches. OMG! My husband has a 42 inch waist! How is that even possible? And my thigh is 26 inches - I used to wear 24 inch waist pants! My thigh is bigger in circumference than my waist should be. That's nutso.

This is like looking in the mirror without the blinders on. I really, really am obese.

Fortunately, I am getting a motivational response to work harder and stop arsing around with my diet and exercising.

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