Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Back

Back in California and back on plan. I came home with a weight of 163.4 (yay!!!) so I did really well while I was out of town, considering all the eating out, road-trip type snacks, full-cal sodas and not having easy access to exercise equipment or videos. I managed to do some form of exercise everyday, although I was missing the Pilates moves. I wasn't going to get onto any of those hotel floors, that's for sure!

I've started writing in my weight loss journal again and I'm back to eating much healthier foods.

We landed back home yesterday at 2 am. Yesterday we just rested and I got some errands done, some food in the fridge, that kind of thing. Today is back to a more normal schedule. Its great to be home after being gone for 10 days!

Unfortunately, hubby is leaving again today! Isn't that crazy? In fact, they wanted him to stay up in WA longer than the 10 days, but I had to come home to get our paychecks in the bank! (Yeah, our company is majorly behind the times with no direct deposit.)

So we have made it official with the powers that be in our company that we are moving to Washington in approx 6 months. I wanted to move before the kids started school again, but I don't see how we could afford to do that.

I'm not certain how I feel about moving. It will be great to have hubby home much more often (where we plan on moving, he worked within a couple hours drive the entire time we were in WA) and I won't miss the heat of Redding! (We've been in the 90's and 100's since May!!!) But, leaving California will be difficult and we're rather exchanging extreme temps for extreme temps in the opposite direction (it was in the 60's when we left WA). Plus, I LOVE my house here - I seriously doubt we will get as nice a home.

But, we have to live where the work is and the work isn't here. Plus, we will have more employment options since we will be within striking distance of a major city.

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