Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still Maintaining

I doubt I'm losing at the moment but I think I'm maintaining. At least my pants aren't getting any tighter, but neither are they any looser.

I'm still trying to keep a lid on the calories while eating out all of my meals. We were able to get some healthy snacks (low-cal fruit cups, baby carrots & Fiber One bars) to keep in the hotel room, but our main meals are still at restaurants. And for the last 2 days we've been having McDonald lunches because they have a playland, which allows the kids to burn off some steam from being cooped up in a tiny hotel suite.

Today I ate:

1/4 bagel w/ cream cheese (full fat so I kept the portion to a min)
1 cup coffee w/ 1 tbsp half & half and 2 packets of sugar
4 oz yogurt

1st snack was 1/8 of a left-over veggie calzone & low-sugar diced peaches

Snack-sized chicken wrap
Snack-sized fruit & walnut salad

2nd snack was 2 fig bars and lightly sweetened tea

I'm not sure what I'll have for dinner, but I plan for it to feature a lot of veggies or a large salad. Maybe a taco salad? I read those can been healthy if not in a shell.

Plan on hitting the hotel gym for a late workout after hubby is back and probably after dinner. This particular hotel only offers a couple treadmills and eliptical machines, no weight machines, but I'll do some Pilates work too I think.

We'll still be in WA for another few days. I'll defo be glad when we finally get home!

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