Monday, June 22, 2009

The Treadmill Chronicles

So, its hotter that hot here (like, um, super, really hot) and I haven't been wanting to go into the garage to workout because its so hot and stuffy (dirty, dusty, spidery & smells like car oil) in the garage where the workout gear is. I only ever use the treadmill (I feel silly using the weight-bar and the recumbent bike seat doesn't go far enough forward for my comfort) so I had the bright idea that I would move the treadmill into my cool, air-conditioned (spider-free [I hope!!!]) bedroom. As you know, hubby is always out of town and is currently, so I figured I'd just move it myself and it wasn't a big deal.

On Saturday, I'm chatting with him on the phone and I remembered my plan to move the treadmill and mentioned it. In a word, he went apeshit. I know why...he's more tired of being out of town all the time than I am. He's frustrated because he bought all that exercise equipment and now he's never home to use it. He had a vision of creating an at-home gym in the garage and now I, in his absence, am proposing breaking that dream apart by removing the central figure, the treadmill.

His first argument was that it was too heavy, I'd bang holes in the walls and couldn't I wait for him to get home and then he went into the whole why do I have to move the damn thing in the first place to he f'ing hates being out of town all the time.

Funnily enough, I haven't had as hard a time with his absence lately because we're just so accustomed to it and I'm SO DAMN HAPPY to be back home and out of hotels. But, I can totally commisserate because if I had to live 95% of the time away from home, I'd go baglady mad in no time.

Anyway, so after I let him rant for a good 20 minutes, I got him off the phone with promises that I would leave the treadmill and then promptly moved the treadmill.

BTW, you can remind me here how I have a gym membership that has a LOT of treadmills and other nice equipment in cool, air-conditioned rooms. I realize I am paying for a gym membership that hasn't been used in months. Truly, one day I will start using it again. Really I will.

The treadmill was surprisingly easy to move because it folds and has wheels. I had my 13 year old to help and we didn't put nary a scratch on the walls. Because my bedroom is so huge and largely unused, the treadmill disappeared into its hollowed depths without a problem. Its a little strange to be staring at a blank wall 2 feet in front of my face while walking toward it at a very fast pace, but I guess I'll either get accustomed to that or put some pictures up.

And, btw, I can now walk at 3.2 MPH! May not seem like much, but my legs and stride are so short I only use about an eighth of the length of the treadmill. I also jogged a bit yesterday, despite feeling a bit stuffy still. I felt way better afterward so maybe those health nuts are right that exercise can help you feel better when you have a cold.


  1. great job ont he listening and the walking. I've been doing this same thing to my hubby.... he starts talking about something and I'm so angry about being away that I get all sh*tty with him over nothing. :)
    Glad you let him rant and then did what you wanted! heres to more walking!

  2. Normally I'm not so good and we'd argue, but I'm feeling a bit zen this week.

    I read about your accident - so glad you weren't injured worse! I totally felt your pain - Where are you eventually moving to, if I may ask? My husband had a terrible time with immigration when he moved to the US so I can commisserate that it is a PITA!

  3. I'm going to be moving to Houston...what a pain immigration is! But its coming to a close, I'm just tired of all the waiting....months and months and months of waiting...

    yes...I was lucky to get away without anything really terrible happening to me. I'm quite accident prone anyway! Good thing I have enough padding to survuve the fall! hahah