Sunday, June 28, 2009


I really want to go swimming. Before we moved to Nor Cal, we had a pool in our backyard and I loved swimming most summer nights. I haven't swimmed since we moved up here more than a year ago. We've been to numerous hotels with swimming pools, but no way would I expose my fat body to the masses. I also have a pool at the gym but I've been too chicken to use it.

But, with it being 110 degrees here this week, I'm REALLY wanting to go swimming. The house is cool enough (although our electricity bill is going to be astronomical) but every time I go outside I immediately think swimming. I've even been tempted to sneak next door to the house for sale with the pool in the back. However, as much as I'm tempted, I do try to avoid doing anything that could land me in a jail.

Anyway, so I've decided to take the girls swimming at the local public pool tomorrow. I'm nervous, to put it simply. I know I will feel fat, clumsy, conspicuous, intimidated and just plain uncomfortable. But, I'm hoping I'll just get over it after the intial discomfort. I recently read about another heavy girl getting over her self-angst to go swimming in public and really enjoyed it. Its great exercise, after all. Its funny how being fat often precludes one from doing things that would help to make one less fat. I've really found with my near-daily exercising that activity breeds activity. When I exercise early on in the day, I'm more likely to be active in the evenings after work, tidying or going for a walk or grocery shopping, etc. When I don't exercise at all, I'm much less likely to feel like tidying before I go to bed. Not only is my body more accustomed to moving, but having built up some muscles, doing simple chores isn't physically uncomfortable as it used to be. For instance, I can bend down and straighten up without feeling a pull in my back and I can stand while doing the dishes without my back, arms and feet aching from standing still for so long. Anyway, so I think swimming will not only allow me to get more exercise but getting accustomed to going out in a bathing suit will help me get over some of my hang-ups about how I look, which I think is an important aspect of this weight loss journey.

Cross your fingers for me that all goes well and I don't chicken out!

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