Thursday, June 25, 2009


Weight: 161.4
Loss: 1.6

Yay me! Although I think it would have been a bigger loss if I wasn't suddenly on the hormone train and Sponge-Bobbing water, but that's okay. Any movement I see on the downward trend is happy times.

Still feeling obsessive about the move. In fact, we've upped our looking-at-houses venture from some time in August to week? Crazy huh. I'm really not looking forward to slumming it in hotels again, but needs must.

Hubby was supposed to be coming home today, but was given another "rush" case to work before he can consider leaving Washington and then has another "super rush" case in Oregon on the way back and so I probably will see neither hind nor hair of him until Friday late. But, since this was expected, anticipated, and pre-resigned to I didn't get all bent out of shape when he told me last night. And, anyway, I have the move to obsess over.

I made it to my office this morning, so you already know I survived the new Jillian workout mostly unscathed. I have to admit that I didn't complete the workout. I was 38 mins 25 secs into the workout (which includes a lot of jumping, knee lifts and kick-box style exercises done in circuits) when my cell phone rang and I HAD to answer it and after chatting to the big H for a while I kinda lost my drive to do any more. On shaky legs, I headed for a shower instead. I was absolutely dripping (sweat!) so I felt I'd got enough of an ass kicking for the day.

Today I'm just gonna walk on the treadmill.

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