Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 4

I am on Day 4 of "good." Good being: exercising at least 30 mins, eating within my food budget and making smart food choices, staying in control, drinking water. Usually I only do 2 good days in a row and then 2 or 3 bad days. But, I am determined to break that cycle. I have had 3 good days in a row!

Yesterday went really, really well. I stayed on plan while at home and then, after work, I took the kids to a new park with a hiking trail and exercise structures that I had read about in the local paper. The hiking trail ended up being pretty short and hot, with no shade trees at all. The exercise structures were pretty cool though. We ended up walking and exercising for 40 mins. I then walked the kids to the playground, but it was small, not set up for smaller kids and overrun with older boys so we didn't stay long.

All afternoon I was thinking about a McDonald's cheeseburger. I know I can eat a small cheeseburger without breaking my food bank and I was really craving one. But, I wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get some school supplies and rather than a McDonald's, this Wal-Mart has a Subway restaurant. Thankfully!!! I ate a mini roast beef with no cheese instead. And ya know, it was actually filling! They're smaller than a 6-inch, if you haven't had one yet, but only 3 points. I was thinking, while I was eating it, that it was in no way going to satisfy me, but it actually did. We ate early, about 4pm, so I had some veggies and a WW ice cream bar later on. But, I didn't eat after 7:30 pm.

Today I am sore from the Cardio Max DVD and then the exercising we did yesterday. I think I'll just do an easy walk later. Tomorrow I want to do another DVD when my muscles aren't feeling so sore.

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