Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, my official weigh-in weight is 170.8. That's up more than a pound from last week. This doesn't make sense - I have eaten between 1500 and 1520 calories for the past week. I have exercised all but one day, twice burning more than 1000 calories. How am I gaining weight? I guess I could be retaining water. I know muscles carry more water than fat... I just would have thought that I'd be burning more fat than building muscle right now. Frustrating. I know I need to ignore it and move on, but it is disheartening.

Nevermind, I'll still go to the gym today. There was a moment, while brushing my teeth this morning, that I wanted to give up and not go to the gym and not worry about what I eat and not care if I gain or lose, but that was short lived. I've worked too hard to give up now. I don't like the fact that I weigh more now than I did 2 months ago. I don't like that I seem to be getting absolutely no where with this despite my efforts. But, if I give up now I definitely won't see a turnaround, whereas if I keep going, there is bound to be some changes. Its scientific, right? Its impossible to eat less than you burn off and not eventually lose weight, right?

Besides all that, I need to concentrate on the real value of exercise, which is feeling better physically, being stronger, burning off negative energy and being overall healthier. They say moderate exercise over time can improve your life expectancy and your quality of life. I wholeheartedly believe that. So, why am I hung up on some numbers on a scale? What means more, feeling good or weighing a certain number? I walked 8 miles yesterday. I couldn't say that a year ago. I couldn't even say I walked 4 miles a year ago. And I know that eventually I will walk the 10 miles I wanted to walk. In fact, I'll try again in a couple weeks to see if I can make it to 10 miles. That's much more important than whether I weigh 170 or 168.

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  1. The scale will catch up with you! And, as you say, better to be fit than not. The benefits of exercise are never ending.

    Good luck!

    PS - Make sure you're eating enough to cover all of that exercise that you're doing.