Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Easing Up

I'm easing up on myself today. I'm going to do housework instead of a workout. I'm going to eat what I want today, within the boundaries of my kitchen (which, fortunately, doesn't offer much in the way of junk food). I'm still going to journal what I eat, but if I go up to 2000 calories today, so be it.

The scale didn't budge at all this morning. I even tried NOT having a diet soda and just drinking water last night, thinking the sodium in the diet soda was causing me to retain water. No go. But, that's okay. Well, not okay, it's still disappointing, but okay in that it doesn't really matter in the long run and I know that. One of the reasons I am giving myself the day off is to force myself to stop obsessing about it. And, yes, I did finally throw my scale up into the closet :). We'll see where I am next Thursday, but I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing, with exercising most days of the week and tracking my food intake. It'll work, I just have to be patient.


  1. A rest day is a good idea, to give your body a chance to repair and recover. Enjoy (but not too much ;)

  2. There certainly is nothing wrong with a day of rest. Giving up the scale is so hard, isn't it? AND it is not good to obsess about it. I feel your pain about the lack of movement. My movement of late has been in the wrong direction...ARGH!

    Anyway, hope you get through the scale obsession!