Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good weekend

Thank you, for the encouragement and positive words. I feel much better after a weekend of not stressing or obsessing about exercise, weight, food or scales. Not that I went off the deep end with my eating - I've actually done pretty well. But, I haven't tracked everything I'm eating. I'm realizing this may not be the best way for me to go.

For dinner tonight, I roasted a bag of cut broccoli, carrots and cauliflower with a little bit of celery salt, garlic salt and a spray of olive oil. I then dipped them in light sour cream. They were SO good! I got the idea from a cookbook I borrowed from the library. Not the sour cream part, tho, that just occurred to me while I was taking the pan out of the oven because the veggies looked dried out and I wanted something wet but not overly high in fat/calories to dip them in. It was perfect - I'm looking forward to having them that way again! I also had one corn tortilla and half a cup of fat-free refried beans. I feel so full and I know I got quite a lot of fiber with very little fat. I'm pleased and can easily eat that for dinner a couple nights a week.

The best part of my weekend was this morning. I had planned on doing a hike along the river today, since it was nice and sunny and I've been planning on doing this for weeks but today was the first decent day. However, my daughter had a teen writer's meeting to attend and the baby wasn't feeling well. So, I decided to do one of my forgotten exercise DVD's and then do a shorter walk at the park later in the afternoon, after the meeting. I decided to do "Cardio Inferno" thinking I would do as much as I could and then do a yoga DVD as a follow-up. Well, not only did I do the entire workout, I was easily able to keep up, didn't feel like I was going to pass up and it felt GREAT! I am in so much better shape than the last time I'd done a cardio DVD, it was actually FUN to do the workout. Its amazing what being in a little better shape can do. I never realized before just how painful it is do be active when you're out of shape compared with being in better shape. Now I can understand why people who are active stay active by choice and call hiking/swimming/etc. a hobby and fun rather than "exercise." Its not such a chore when it isn't as painful to do.

I still followed up with the Yoga video and felt WONDERFUL for it.

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