Friday, March 20, 2009

On It

I am on plan today. And yesterday. Going back to the flex plan point system may be the best thing for me. It means I have to keep track of what I eat without obsessing about every calorie and having to do a lot of calculations. I already have the points calculator so it takes seconds to figure out how many points something is if I don't have it in my points book. I forgot how to determine how many points one should eat in a day, though, or how many points per week one gets. So, if anyone knows those, I'd appreciate the reminder :).

I finally, finally, got down to the river trail to do the walk - nearly 5 miles - and it felt good to get that done. However, my 6 year old was so lagging and whiny that I had to stop walking every few minutes and I was SO frustrated by the time we'd reached the bridge. Going back wasn't much better. I got home and told hubby "I'm done" and he knows I mean business when I get to that point so he took the two little ones to run some errands. Gotta love that man :).

I made boneless, skinless grilled chicken last night with some new seasonings I had purchased a couple weeks ago. We also had roasted asparagus (yummy!) with just a touch of celery and garlic salts, Asian salad and brown rice. It was a pretty good dinner and I think like 8 points total. My only downfall yesterday was that my 6 year old didn't want her snack at the bridge and since I hadn't taken one (we're out of fruit, which is what I usually take) I ate her snack, which happened to be a 4 point Twinkie.

For a snack today, I made sugar-free pudding last night. I don't know why but I have had SO MUCH energy the last two days. I have been really good about keeping the house clean and laundry done (which usually only gets done when everyone is out of underwear). I have been cleaning and tidying until 10pm the last few nights.

I had oatmeal for breakfast, so I'm full steam ahead today :).

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