Friday, March 27, 2009

Into the Weekend

BTW, the new photo above is of the river trail I like to walk. Its not ALL of it that pretty, but its pretty darned nice. I am especially liking the warmer weather we've been having and have to take advantage of it before summer when it will be in the triple digits.

So, 2 good days in a row! Yesterday I only went 3 points into my weekly allowance, did NOT eat after 7pm and did the Cardio Max DVD. I was having trouble with the exercising, feeling really slow and clumsy, but I think that is because I had to take one of my migraine pills again earlier in the afternoon. I also danced the baby around the living room for a good 15 minutes last night and that was a workout in itself - he's getting heavy!

I'm really happy its Friday, but now that I'm at the point when I usually reverse my good behavior, I'm worried about my eating this weekend. I know I can find time to exercise much easier on the weekends, but I also know that I am thinking about food more when I'm not distracted by work. I have to come up with some solid plans on how to deal. I want to break the cycle of good, good, bad, bad, bad, good, good, bad, bad, bad...with regard to my eating. I have identified the problem, identified today would be the first day of the downward journey, and now have to not allow it to happen. Same as tomorrow and the next day.

So, plan is to keep my points in control, drink water, make myself wait 20 minutes when I want to eat something that is not on plan, break a sweat and keep writing everything I eat and do down.

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