Friday, April 10, 2009

And so it goes...

Doing okay today, although not great. Yesterday was good for the most part, but had a low-fat cheese quesadilla and half a brownie while watching the Southland premier. I wasn't even THAT hungry but I started getting some serious cravings. At least it didn't get out of hand. When the brownie obviously wasn't satisfying anything, I stopped eating it halfway through. That's a triumph, right?

I've been really moody the last couple days and I can't decide if it's from having hubby home and the disturbances in the force that causes or if its PMS. Probably both actually. Hubby and I have kissed and made up, in a big way, but I still feel he's somewhat detached from the relationship or doesn't have the depths of feelings for me that I have for him. Hard to say if that's just a difference in personality or real or part of my own mental issues. The PMS is pretty real though and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow when it peaks.

Hubby is going to WA Tuesday and will be gone at least another week :(

No plans for Easter, except NOT to buy any candy. Actually, I don't think we could afford to buy any anyway. My 6 year old had an Easter party at school and is going to an Easter/Birthday party tomorrow, so I don't feel she's missing out on anything and my 13 year old has plans to spend Easter with her friend at their church. My 1 year old certainly doesn't know what's going on. So, Easter will be just a reg ol' family day in this house. May try to talk hubby into going for a hike.

That's about all that's happening here.

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