Thursday, April 30, 2009


Weight: 163.6
Lost: 1.4

A pound and a half is good! I was worried I would be up a little because I was really bad with drinking water yesterday, but it was exactly the same as the day before. Happy with that! I'm looking forward to being in the 150's again for the first time in years. It will feel wonderful and it's so close!

I did well with getting my work done and my house fairly clean. I can always find more stuff to clean on the house, but its tidied and clean for the most part. My parents should be here soon. The only bummer is it is supposed to rain the entire visit! And there's not much to do around here when it's raining. Oh well.

I just hope having visitors doesn't impact my time to exercise. I'm on day 25 - 1/4 way there! I want to keep going to my goal. I still have to exercise today, even, but was going to suggest we all go for a walk if it isn't raining yet when they get here.

Anyway, must get going.

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  1. awesome job on the weight loss..keep up the amazing work!!