Friday, April 17, 2009

Long-Awaited Friday

Today has been super busy. I had to run my daughter to a club meeting she's just joined, meet everyone, round my two little ones back up and head home. By the time I got back home, I had one hour to work before going back to pick her up, more meeting ppl and chatting, then back home, couple hours more work done and now I have to go get something for dinner. My daughter is also having a friend stay the night, so they want me to take them to pick up a movie.

Food-wise, I've been doing well. I found these low-fat Eggo frozen waffles, 2 of which are 140 calories and are very good with a bit of low-sugar jam. Plus they have 6 grams of fiber!

Yesterday I got my fiber to 38! I thought that was really good. Today, however, I'm only at 10. Need to have a very high-fiber dinner. But, I've only had 510 cals today, so I have plenty of calorie notes to make up for some fiber.

Still need to do my workout today. I skipped it with all the running around I did today and I already want to say "I'll just skip today" but I have my goal of 100 days and I want to get there! So, I HAVE to jump on the treadmill today.

Anyway, off to run more errands.


  1. good luck on your 100 days keep going strong you can do it!! food sounds good too..i admire the fact that you can juggle all this, you're doing great!

  2. Thanks, jeimayprovy! I still have to get on the treadmill, but even just reading your message I know I can't miss it today - thanks for the extra incentive :)