Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've been a bad, bad girl...

Yesterday, I went off plan. Not even just kinda had a bad day, or had a minor bad day, I had a HUGE bad day. Actually, it wasn't "bad" at all, I just didn't care a hoot what I ate. Actually, that isn't true either - I cared but I allowed myself to eat what I wanted. Not in a "I already ate bad so I may as well eat whatever I want" but in a "ya know, go ahead and have a day off." And it was good, but I'm MORE happy to be getting back to my healthier way of eating, which is funny. Everything I ate, I was conscious of the calories, which is definitely a good thing. No mindless eating, I was aware of the calorie bank getting to overflowing. I haven't added up the points for yesterday, but I'll do that. It won't be pretty.

I did a little bit of exercise, I walked from about a mile home when I had hubby drop me off on our way back. This was post-Carl's Jr for dinner so I was really having a hard time moving my butt. It definitely makes a difference when you eat poorly.

Well, I'm off to the library, then Wal-Mart for a b-day present for a b-day party we are attending this afternoon. It's one of my 6-year old's classmates and at a park so we're all going and we'll have the other kids play in the park while my 6-year old attends the party. After that, I need to exercise, just not sure if it will be by way of walk, using the neglected machines in the garage or one of my exercise DVD's. I'm on Day 17 of my goal to exercise 100 days, so I want to keep it up!

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